Use Your Stress -O -Meter?

No one has ever been through anything exactly like THIS.

It’s so universal, no one has a name for THIS.

Everyone just gets it.

Of course, we want to tell people… “We’re here to help.”

But frankly, you’re probably sick of it. You normal has just been thrown out of whack.

So what good advice can I offer?

Dean and I are not really sure. The truth is, we’re figuring THIS out too.

And there’s no cut-and-dried 5-step “how to” article for THIS.

So I won’t presume to tell you I have “the answer.” 

Or any answers.

Instead, maybe just envision that each one of us is wearing a Stress -O -Meter. It looks kind of like a temperature gauge but instead of measuring heat, it is measuring our internal stress temperature. Others must have thought of this because when someone is really angry, we say that person is ‘hot’. We tell that same person to “cool your jets”.

With THIS going around it is safe to say everyone’s Stress -O - Meter is kicked up a few notches more than normal.

I have always been amazed at how the Cr8 Fitness family has responded with love, kindness, and generosity. I know if we could see inside each person we’d want to help ease their stress and help them to bring down their stress level. While I wish I had the answer to THIS, I do know we can see good if we look.  We might not have the same opportunities to meet face to face but we still have many opportunities to connect. When you do realize each person’s Stress - O -Meter is high. Words of kindness can bring all of our gages down a few degrees. That’s all.

Oh, and apologies go a long way if something stupid is said.

We're all in THIS,

Coach Nancy

P.S. I really hate THIS too.

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