Yes Virginia, There Is Still A Recovery Week

There have been some questions regarding if we are still taking our scheduled recovery week next week, March 30 - April 4.

The answer is YES, for 2 reasons.

1) First and foremost, because it is a scheduled recovery week. Duh! 🙂 Seriously though this is part of your training plan; work hard for your training phase, and then Rest, Recover and Regenerate. You can read more about that from a previous article here: You Are Not A Unicorn

2) Second, and I feel kinda weird saying this, but recovery weeks are not, "Nancy and Dean Vacation Weeks". Yes, once a year we plan a trip during a recovery week, which is in truth the ONLY time we can go anywhere. Usually they are a focused work time prepping for the next training phase. Many of you know we had planned next week to be a family trip, which was cancelled because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and since we are not going wondered if we would stay open. First read #1 again. 🙂 Recovery weeks are one of our core training principles. And secondly Nancy will be making a previously unplanned trip to visit and care for her father, who was put in home hospice this week and does not have much time left. She needs to be there, I know you understand.

I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude at how y'all are supporting us during this time. You have smoothly pivoted to our hybrid training model of live and Zoom training sessions, you have kept the energy high and the spirit fun, even in very trying times. My encouragement to you is this...

Stay The Course. 

Although we still hope it doesn't happen, we are planning as if NH will direct a "shelter-in-place" at some point. We are prepared to serve you through it, if it should happen. I am direct person, so I will be direct here - we need you to stay with us if we are to survive. The reasons you choose to train here have not changed, the need to exercise regularly and eat well have not changed, and if anything, being part of a supportive family is even MORE important during times when we are more isolated physically.

So relax and take a break from hard training next week. Get out and take a walk. Visit our Vimeo Page and folllow along with our 30 Minute Relaxation Flow or Livin' La Vida Lacrosse Ball mobility sessions. 

And who know, Coach Dean might even do a popup Facebook Live session with y'all next week!

So keep at it. Work on your Coach Catalyst habits. Get to training how you can today and tomorrow.

And keep smiling, We love you all.

Dean and Nancy

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