May 2023 finds Cr8 Fitness turning 15 years old. I can hardly believe it all started in our backyard with 12 of Dean's friends. How cool is it that Cr8 Fitness:

  • started with one man's dream
  • began in a recession
  • grew to two locations
  • had over 350 clients
  • sold one location 
  • overcame Covid lockdowns 
  • our training design is highlighted around the nation
  • currently has over 100 people claiming the "the Little Gym in the Woods" as their own
  • every day is FUN, we bump up that FUN on Fridays
  • teaches and practices Eating Well 
  • knows Exercising Smart is always the right plan
  • Enjoys Life because it is priceless

Fun Facts to know and share when training at Cr8 Fitness

Check out how many hours you've trained depending on how long you've been training with us.

6 months = 96 hours

1 year = 192 hours

2 years = 384 hours

3 years = 576 hours

4 years =  768 hours

5 years = 960 hours

6 years = 1152 hours

7 years = 1344 hours

8 years = 1536 hours

9 years = 1728 hours

10 years = 1920 hours

11 years = 2112 hours

12 years = 2304 hours

13 years = 2496 hours

14 years = 2688 hours

15 years = 2880 hours

All these hours of consistent effort to better your health and fitness shine best in your stories. In the 6:15 am training time this morning, all but two in the gym had been with us 12 years or more. The Cr8 Fitness family is formed because of the long term determination to Eat Well, Exercise Smart, and Enjoy Life. I am grateful for all who have passed through our doors. I learn from you and am blessed to know you. I am grateful beyond words that you lay your trust in me as your coach and in Coach Dean as he designs the weekly training. Thank you. 

15 years coaching = 15,936+ hours in the gym

     x 100's of people    

=  A whole lot of FUN!

I'm excited to see what the next 15 years brings.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy



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