I think I am up there with everyone else about being sick. No one I know likes to feel crummy. And in the last year or so, being sick has other implications that come with it. We might not be able to avoid being sick all the time but there are definitely steps we can take to put a shield around ourselves. Since I don't like being sick, I'll put all the barriers in place to keep myself healthy.

Get Sleep

Drink more than enough.... water

Eat Healthy 90% of the time

Take needed supplements

Exercise Smart

Is anyone going to argue with any of these? But I bet you'll start to automatically put them on the importance scale. You might think eating healthy is number 1 and then drinking enough water and then taking your vitamins and supplements while putting sleep last with exercise as optional. Your order might be slightly different. You might even think you don't put them in order but when push comes to shove the first thing that goes when you're busy is sleep and then eating healthy, then you forget your vitamins, and water goes soon afterward. 

We all tend to do that. I have found making things a habit when I want things to stick is really the only way to make them stay when life gets crazy. I had to make a decision a long time ago when my bedtime was. I go to bed with the little ones. My bed time is 8 or 8:30pm. I set my vitamins out on my bathroom sink in order to see them so I take them daily. I have my water set out next to my work station, and I'm in a gym a lot. 

I found out how beneficial it was to eat healthy 90% of the time this week. This week I found myself and my family in quarantine. We'll be here for 10 days. At first it was odd to be 'stuck' at home but I like my house and my family. The great thing is I had unknowingly prepared. I have several meals ready in the freezer for a night or two when life gets crazy busy. Now I am using those meals for when I can't get out to the grocery store. How cool is that? 

The point is make your defense against getting sick as easy as possible to do. Dean and I have tried making getting the supplements we take easy for you to have access too. We now carry Vitamin D in the gym. Its called the sunshine Vitamin for good reason. In the Northeast it's a must take. 

There is one more hidden step that we all know but gets lost when talking about health. Its probably the key to it all but also the hardest to regulate. 

DeStress or Reduce Stress

Coach Dean put all this information in one handy place. "You don't have to shoot for Stress - Free" but stress, like eating healthy and sleep needs to be managed. 

One of the odd things is if we have the first 5 steps in place most of the time, it decreases our stress levels automatically. How cool is that? 

You can download or read it right now by clicking here.

I'm proof that there is not a 100% guarantee against being sick. I'm also proof that being sick doesn't have to hit you a couple times a year or on a regular basis. Taking steps ahead of time to build your shield against illness is much easier (and I'll include cheaper) than dragging yourself to take your meds after seeing your doctor when you do become ill. 

It might be hard but well worth it, 

Coach Nancy  


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