Be A Palm Tree

Remember as a kid or maybe even as an adult walking across the hot hot sand at the beach? I sure do. As quick as your feet signal they were on fire you make a mad dash for the cold water? In my case that was Lake Michigan not the ocean like many of you. With my parents, brothers and sister we would pack the car for the very long trip to Florida every few years. I loved it. I love palm trees. 

Right now in NH it is well over 90 degrees. I have no idea what the humidity level is but as soon as you step out of a shower you'll feel like you need one again. Its that hot. I could start whining here but I won't. Its late July almost August it would be odd if it wasn't this hot and humid. Imagine the tropics. Enjoy the few days that it feels like you live in Florida. Just think if you were a palm tree you'd love this weather.  

Be a Palm Tree, 

Coach Nancy

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