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When It Boils Right Down to It…..

It really is all about you.

You make the choices each day. You and only you have the most input to who you are seen as, who you look like, who you act like, and who you want to be.

You work hard in the gym or you don't.

You chose to walk from either a close parking spot or further away.

You chose to have seconds or not.

You chose to grab an extra glass of water or not.

You chose to measure the amount of salad dressing you use or you don't.

You chose to pack a lunch or you chose to buy it out.

You chose how much cream goes in your coffee or none at all.

You chose to have a snack just cuz or you don’t.

You chose to walk past the candy dish or avoid it totally.

You chose to look in the mirror and whisper degrading snip-its to yourself or you don't.

You chose to take your multi vitamin each day or you don't.

You chose to have a piece of lean protein at each meal or you don't even worry about protein.

You read inspiring stories or you visit the gossip stories.

You surround yourself with others that are likeminded or you don't.

You keep healthy food choices in the kitchen, in the fridge, and in the cupboard or you don't.

You eat mindlessly in front of the TV or you chose to eat in a place where you notice the food you put in your mouth.

You seek out healthy recipes or you stick only to what you know.

You keep your mind open to new foods or you automatically say "no thank you".

You are in charge of you or you allow others to influence your decisions for the poorer choice.

It is all up to you.

Great news is that YOU have others that want to help YOU be the best YOU, they know.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

Did you know Cr8 Fitness also does nutrition coaching? It might be that you chose to add this to help you. 

Consistency is the Spice of Life

Seriously. it is. Consistency is the Spice of Life. While we might think 'Variety is the spice of life', changing that one word gives us some power and some real life events to build on.

Just think, over the course of a day, you find yourself focused and dialed in on your nutrition. How does that effect your training session that afternoon? It feels more empowered and energized.

What if you stay true to a plan of eating for an entire week? If you're like me, you make extra time to plan the next week's meals so you can have more success.

Span that daily eating and weekly planning out to a month? A year? Now you've created a routine that empowers you to take life a bit further. Maybe your great nutrition has given you the benefit of being off a prescription medication. Now your pocket book is being effected.

I've rewarded myself with a new outfit once I hit a certain goal I've been working towards. You know what the new outfit does? It makes me feel great, even better since new clothes have a way of doing that. Now I am ready to keep going.

Where does the Spice of Life come from? - Consistency.

Need to stay inspired? Head on over to Cr8 Fitness's blog- the home of knowledge bombs.

Make it Happen,
Coach Nancy

My Biggest Super Bowl Takeaway(s)

Now I know that not everyone who reads this is a New England Patriots fan, but nobody is perfect, and I forgive you. 🙂

And even if you are not a football fan, or a sports fan in general, this article still applies to you.

As I reflected what was for some a really boring game, and others a frustrating game, and still others a game just to be grateful their team won, I thought about what we could learn from it. As I mulled it over, this is the thought that kept cropping up:

"Stick with what you are doing for long enough, but not for too long".

Going into the game the Patriots had an offensive game plan (based on what happened it was very offensive - but I digress). Stay balanced with the pass and the run, get the ball out of Brady's hand fast, work to the outside receivers. 

Did it work?

Based on the number of points they scored, it would be fair to say no. But I think it did, until it didn't. 

By staying patient with the run, and not trying to get too cute too soon, I believe it eventually wore the Rams defense down. But the Pats weren't so stubborn doing it "their way" that they weren't afraid to throw out the game plan and do something different (You can read about that adjustment here). They stuck with the plan long enough, made the changes they needed to when they needed to, and got the result they were looking for - in this case the winning touchdown. 

So how does that affect you? Good question. 

My takeaway from this is two-fold.

1) Don't give up on what you are doing too early.

It's human nature to want things to happen fast, like NOW! We start working out for the first time in a long time, and/or we change how we are eating in order to lose weight. 10 days later we haven't lost 20 pounds, so we give up. Whoa Nellie! You have to give things enough time to see if they are actually making a difference or not. You also have to actually be following the plan. Can I be honest here? When you start a nutrition plan and then "tweak it" here or there, you are not actually following the plan. Follow THE plan, not your preferred version of the plan. If you FOLLOW and COMPLETE the plan (the 2019 Fresh Start Challenge, for instance) and things aren't changing, then and ONLY then should you consider changing what you are doing.

2) Don't stubbornly persist in doing what you are doing if it's not working

Coach Dean's "Get Real" part 2. We all laugh about the person at the gym who we see on the treadmill, every day faithfully, for weeks, months and even years, and whose body never seems to change one little bit. We think to ourselves "What a waste of time, how dumb is that?" But be honest and look in the mirror. Are you getting the results YOU want to get, all the time? We all tend fall into this pattern. We LIKE doing endless cardio. We LIKE staying up late and watching television. We LIKE cookies, and ho ho's and french fries and donuts. We LIKE having a glass (or two or three) of wine or beer every night.

A tried and true coaching question I ask clients (and myself) is "How's That Working For You?" If it's NOT, it's time to change something. Doesn't matter if you like it or not. Want to or not. A different result then what you are getting is going to take what none of us really like - Change.

The Patriots could have stuck with what they were doing. Josh McDaniels could have stubbornly persisted regardless of what was actually happening. But he and the team showed how success is achieved.

"Stick with what you are doing for long enough, but not for too long".

Make It Happen!

Coach Dean

P.S. If you are ready for a change, you'll want to check out how to get your Free 2-Week Tryout Here

Become UnStoppable

I recently sent this out to a group doing the Fresh Start Challenge. I know we could all use this to inspire us to stay with it, to get moving, to eat healthier, to lift more, to work longer, to perfect a hard exercise, to do what makes us- us.

“Get Ready for it,          ....SELF- DISCIPLINE!!

Just something to think about today.

We're faced with hundreds of decisions each and every day. Self-Discipline is a CHOICE...and a very empowering one.

Each time you choose to move forward in the direction of your success, you gain momentum.

Each decision (even the small ones) builds momentum until you can NOT be stopped!

Today, make one extra decision that will move you closer towards your goals where you may have otherwise have made a different choice.


Many of you written down a Purpose for Training in 2019. How are you doing as you hit one month into the year? Have you made some progress towards your goal? A small daily step that moves you consistently forward? Maybe one of those giant steps like a Shark Bite that propelled you into greater action?

These ladies took on a challenge to do Snurpees (Burpees in the snow). It was so cold outside that schools had been delayed yet they became UnStoppable. They did what they could and Made It Happen. I'm proud of them.

Can you see yourself just taking a step forward and laughing with friends along the way? Did others take this challenge? Of course, these ladies allowed me to video them. 🙂

They just kept more and more crazy as we had more and more ladies join in.

Don’t stand still this year. Be UnStoppable! Your first step is to stay at it. Be consistent with yourself. No one can help you more then you help yourself.

Did you know Cr8 Fitness can help you with your Nutritional goals and eating habits too? If you haven’t seen our stuff, let me point you in the right direction. Click here to see what I am talking about.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

The Art of Steering Through Life

My life is marked with many different scratches. Not the physical scratches you get when you scrape your car against a metal post but the emotional and mental scratches of making poor choices. Although I would like to keep these as vague memories, I know I am responsible for them. They come as a result of the difficulty of steering through life circumstances. 

I've heard it said, "I wish my kid came with an owner's manual." and even more relevant, "Its a live and learn situation, in hinds sight I would have done this much differently".

Well we don't have an owners manual for ourselves let alone anyone else. We also can't turn back the clock to do things over again differently.

Wisdom has been defined as 'the art of steering' - Gerhard Von Rad

I like that. 

As you go through life, you will need to navigate many tight situations that require great wisdom in order to avoid poor or even flat out wrong choices. 

1. Avoid Wrong Turns. Going on a binge eating spree is an example of a wrong turn. We all know that chocolate cake (an entire cake) won't give you lasting happiness, feel any better, get stronger, have more success, or beat the snot of the person who made you feel this way in the first place. It may look attractive to eat or drink __________ (you fill in the blank) but in the long run it leads to a cycle that ends in poor choices and then poor health. 

2. Choose a Good Path. Difficult times in your life can take you off course and in the wrong direction. But if you stay on the right course it will lead to greater compassion and more wisdom. 

  • The good path- since we are talking paths of health, when "life gives you lemons make lemonade". We've seen it in others. People who have had shocking health news, or a death of a loved one, a loss of job, a car accident, any situation life can thrown at us. Some people come out shining. They have followed a path that is helping them. So when life throws you challenges, think now of what you might do to stay on track. Be prepared. How can you prepare for such events? Routine and Resolve. Stay with what is working for you. Have the stick - to - itiveness that plows through the rough times. I don't always do a good job at handling crisis in the immediate sense. I tend to curl up in a ball. Yet I know in the bigger picture of things, I'm sticking to my plan of being in the best health I can to handle what life throws me. In essence I pick myself up off the floor (often with help from family and friends) and get back at it. 
  • The ungood path- (yes, I know that is not a word) Yet when life gives you lemons, and it will, don't just take it. Do something. I've' walked away from friends in the past because I didn't want to face them. I've ignored others because it made me uncomfortable. I've tried to wiggle myself out of difficulty because I didn't want to fess up. I'm human. My choices have cost me. Will your choices cost you? As a teen ager, I chose to drink myself to oblivion. I knew it wasn't a good choice but I chose it anyway. Life had given me lemons and I chose to act like they weren't there. Those choices I made then, are still costing me. 

How do you avoid Wrong Turns and also Choose the Good Path?

Use wisdom to steer through life.

 In health, having some fundamental values set in place as habits or routines will guide you through circumstances. 

Imagine this situation with me. You go on vacation and choose to eat and drink to your hearts content on the first and second day away from home. By the third day, you don't feel quite so good, your body is keeping you closer to the bathroom and you feel sluggish. Since you have built in a routine of training and eating lean protein with lots of veggies you get yourself up on the third day, eat a breakfast of a veggie omelet and then stay active. By dinner or maybe the breakfast the fourth day you're feeling yourself and you enjoy the rest of you trip. You used the principles you regularly live by to navigate and steer yourself back on course. You got yourself back on routine using the wisdom of physical activity and healthy food choices. 

This is not rocket science but set yourself up for life by gaining wisdom and allowing it to steer you to your best health. Wisdom not feelings is your guide.  

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


From The Heart

Can I share my heart with you? If not, just click away from this post right now, because you are not gonna want to read this. We good?

Ok, if you are still here, I want to say thank-you. I appreciate your time and energy.

One of the scariest things I have ever done in my life is start a business and go out on my own. The only analogy I can think of is like a bird flinging itself out of its nest for the first time. Either you flap your wings hard and figure out how to do it, or you go "SPLAT". I am grateful no one has had to scrape me off the pavement yet.

Another one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life is sell Get Fit NH Concord, for a whole variety of reasons. But frankly one of the biggest reasons it was scary is because now that Cr8 Fitness in Epsom is our only location, we have a lot less room for error. That margin has been shaved razor thin. The scale of having two locations and sharing expenses is gone. Making it all work is a challenge we are attacking head on. Nancy and I have been working harder than ever at making this the best possible experience for you; we want you to be here, we want you to have fun, and we want you to get the results you are looking for. Our goal is to keep every client happy and coming back for more, for life. 

You know what's scary about that? We are human, we fail often, and when it comes down to it, that's not a goal we are probably ever going to achieve, no matter how hard we try. But that doesn't mean we are going to stop. Can I ask you a favor? When we don't serve you as well as you deserve, can you let us know BEFORE it gets past the point of no return? I am going to be honest, it HURTS when one of y'all stops coming to the gym, and it's not just all about us. We know how hard it is to get started in the first place, and we don't ever want you to stop reaching for your happy and healthy.

Every single one of you matters to us. Do we fail to show it sometimes? Yes, but not purposely. I can honestly tell you that both of us have shed tears at times over this business. I don't say that to make you feel bad for us, and I know that no one is out to get us. But you all are family, and when family doesn't come around anymore, it stinks. And yes, I am writing this today because one of the family has decided to not come around anymore. When that happens, we take it seriously, and this note is partly to let you know that. I believe we do a good job the vast majority of the time, but I know we haven't reached perfection. Regardless, I am going to be bold here, and ask you for three things:

1) When we screw up, let us know. We can't get better if we don't know and don't have a chance to talk with you about what's bugging you. Send us an email, shoot us a text, give us a call, or even better, let's just talk face to face. 

2) Don't give up. On us, our on yourself. You came here for a reason. Let's keep working on that, together.

3) Don't keep Cr8 Fitness to yourself. As I said before, I believe the vast majority of the time we are worthy of sharing with your friends, family, co-workers - even your medical professionals. One of Nancy and my goals this year is to get to the point where we are not spending ANY money on advertising, and we can't do it without you. We've made it easier than ever, and our community benefits too. (Read more about that here)

You Rock.

You really do. We don't say it enough. We'll do better.

Thank-you for choosing to train with us.

Coach Dean

Shark Bite or Minnow Bite. You Decide.


Read that one more time, let it sink in.


I talk to people everyday who want to lose weight, get more energy or get back in shape, they're just waiting to "GET MOTIVATED"

Most of those people are still waiting.

This year you've started the year out on solid ground. You've taken the time to write your Purpose for Training at Cr8 Fitness in 2019. You've even identified a stumbling block or something you foresee that might just slip you up. I am proud of you for Training with a Purpose in MInd

And yet there is more to do. 


Its time to take some action. 

Decide now whether to take a Shark Bite or a Minnow Bite on your Purpose.


Shark bites are one time actions that you can do NOW in order to move you forward in your purpose. Its an action you don't need to repeat because once is done. Its kind of like why you should not swim in the ocean. One bite from a shark and YOU"RE Done. 

For example, My purpose for training is to stay out of the doctor's office for unplanned visits. I know I'll have a yearly check up, and a check up for cancer that seems to crop up in my family. A shark bite for me would be to go ahead and make those appointments. I call once and I am done, appointment made. 

If your purpose in 2019 is to get to a healthier body fat, your one time Shark Bite could be to sign up for the Fresh Start Challenge or the Crockpot Workshop. Once you've done either one of these you've done a step that won't have to be repeated. Its a Shark Bite. 


Minnow bites on the other hand are daily consistent little nibbles at your purpose. Its something you are working to build into a habit or turn into consistent behavior. They become rituals. It is also why swimming in a lake or river is not as dangerous, minnows only take little nibbles you hardly notice. (In case you don't know, I'm not a fan of ocean swimming)

For me, a minnow bite might include taking my daily vitamin, or making sure I drink 100 ounces of water a day, or cutting my coffee intake to one cup a day. It is something that over time becomes natural and easy. I still have to work at it, yet it is not something that usually takes 15 minutes every day. 

If your purpose is to do 10 push ups in 2019. Your minnow bite could include 2-3 minutes of push up work a day that might not be push ups at all. Remember we have to stretch and take care of those muscles as much as we want them to work hard. Your minnow bites would also include heat, or massage, or fish oil, or LaCross ball work. 

Shark Bite or Minnow Bite- you decide, but decide.

I talk to people everyday who want to lose weight, get more energy or get back in shape, they're just waiting to "GET MOTIVATED"

Most of those people are still waiting. Don't be one of them. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


Show Your Purpose in 2019 with our Shirt of the Year

Our 2019 theme at Cr8 Fitness is:

"Purpose Unlocks Potential"

Coach Nancy has been encouraging you to think about your purpose for being here - what do you want to get out of all the work you are putting in? 

There really is no wrong answer. But if you want to make real progress this year there needs to be AN answer.

We are your locksmiths, but you hold the keys. There are 4 on our key ring that we need to have and use this year:

  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Preparation
  • Accountability

I always find it super helpful to have visual reminders about the task at hand. That's why I am excited about our 2019 "Shirt of the Year". The more of YOU I see wearing it this year, the more I am going to be reminded to keep my eye on the prize. So help your old coach out, and order one today. I'd love to see you not only wearing one, but unlocking your potential in 2019.

Order forms are in the gym, and we are taking orders until next Friday, January 18.

Order yours today!

Coach Dean

Train with Your Purpose in Mind

Each January gyms are flooded with new people. Everyone trying to accomplish in a few weeks what they couldn't do all of last year. By the second week of the month, the place is back to normal. Most of the newbies have already given up. Why? And more importantly how to avoid it.

There is nothing wrong with making these common New Year's resolutions, We have all made resolutions that we have failed to keep. 

The good news is that each year is an opportunity for a Fresh Start. And yet each week is a fresh start. Every Sunday is the first day of the week - a new beginning. Actually, every day is an opportunity for a new beginning. 

If you are at one of these 'beginnings' you are at a crossroad. You are at the point of choosing. Choosing what to do, how to do it, and how much to do. That is the time of resolutions. The purpose is not to help you resolve to do something, my purpose to help you stay resolved once you've made that decision.

Resolve takes Focus

Focus on your past choice. You've already made a choice to physically train. You've already made your choice to become healthier. You've already made your choice to achieve a medically sound body composition. Now its about maintaining your Focus. Write down what your purpose is. Then leave it visible for you to see often. Daily is best. Once I have a purpose to achieve a task, I write it and leave it near my bathroom sink. Each morning as I get read for the day, my focus shifts to my purpose. It gives me clarity as I do my daily tasks. 

Resolve takes Commitment.

Commitment is dedication in action. Once you have your purpose, you need to commit to doing something to make that purpose start to happen. It might not happen all at once. Losing 50 pounds is going to take work and more action than one days worth. And yet it all starts with one day, one action repeated over and over. Commit daily to doing one action that will help you achieve your purpose in 2019.

Resolve takes Preparation.

Preparation can be mental but often it to is an action step. Think of preparation as a way of helping yourself out. Preparing your meal plan on Sunday of each week helps you to not stress about "what's for dinner?". It helps you have those foods in the house that will allow you to eat foods that will support your purpose of becoming healthier. Preparation can be help given to you by others. Having others in your family chop veggies while you get the steak grilled, gives you that helping hand so you can get the meal on the table quicker so you don't snack your way to dinner. Find ways to prepare to give that helping hand towards your purpose. 

Resolve takes Accountability.

Accountability is a key we often ignore. It is hard to admit we need help. It is hard to say I will do this better if  you do this for me. It is hard to tell someone your goals. The thought often goes through my mind, "What if I don't actually achieve my purpose?" As a coach I'm going to say, "What if you actually do?"I'm here to help."  Accountability has proven itself over and over. Having a partner or a group of others that will give an encouraging word, others that know your purpose, people that will work along side you; gives you power. Power to push through tough times.

Focus, Commitment, Preparation, and Accountability are your keys to Succeeding in Your Purpose.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


Purpose Unlocks Potential

What is your purpose in physically training at Cr8 Fitness?

Now what is the question that pops into your head right after you say your purpose?

Hold onto these questions and their answers. They are going to help you unlock your potential and give you success in 2019. 

You are always backing me up and I need that! 

For example: My purpose in physically training and eating to support my lifestyle is so that I do not visit my doctor as often as I did in 2018. While I know there will be some visits; a regular check up, skin cancer and breast cancer were a concern in 2018 so I know I have follow up visits to those. Yet I spent many other visits to doctors and chiropractors to help my ribs, my back, headaches, and my hip. My training suffered and my healthy numbers are spiraling downward. Yet when I first say my purpose out loud a voice in my head says; "Where are you going to start?"
It is then that I bring out my keys to Success. Focus, Commitment, Preparation, and Accountability.

  • Focus- I need to keep my purpose in the front of my daily activity. It is all too often that I left my daily activities dictate my life, instead of having a clear direction. I skip all over the place just to do this and do that. With some clarity I will achieve my daily activities in the priority that my purpose dictates.
  • Commitment- I've already put in place several actions because I am committed. I am not going to wait for the perfect time, or the first day of the week, or for some magical, mystical, spiritual event to hit me. I'll adjust my plan as I need to, for now I need to just get going.
  • Preparation- Some of you might view me as if I have preparation down solid, this is my weakest area. Since as far as I can remember I have crammed for texts, procrastinated until the last minute, and held off on things that are hard until I HAD to do them. That is why I didn't wait for the perfect timing or the perfect plan or to have all the stars line up before beginning. My preparation is tied into my next key heavily. Need some help to get you started? Take a look into some of our Cr8-Tive articles
  • Accountability- I've already asked for help. I have a partner, actually two people, to hold me to my first and most important task. From there I have different peeps who will nudge me when I falter. I'm using an app on my phone to give me feedback. It took courage to ask for help. I have all of you to back me up- I need that and you do too. I wanted to do this alone. And yet that has not worked out very well in the past. Using my key of Accountability will spur me onto action when my focus or commitment or preparation isn't all in.

How does this lead back to those two questions? Your purpose will give you clarity. It will drive you, and keep you from chasing squirrels and going down rabbit trails. The second question is designed to show which key is most important. I didn't know where to start. It seemed like a huge task. My accountability partner helped me line up my focus, I know they will help me when my focus, commitment and preparation are waining.

I have to use all the keys to succeed. Focus, Commitment, Preparation, and Accountability.

This exercise will take a few minutes to complete. Lets find our Purpose and use our Keys to Success so that 2019 will be our best year ever!

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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