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Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you today.

Be grateful, and then put some action behind that gratitude.

Maybe on today it is as simple as saying thank-you, or paying for the Dunkins for the man or woman in line ahead of you in line. I think that is something I should start doing everyday, not just in November.

Don’t just let this day pass you by, let’s make something good happen today.

Let’s give someone else a reason to be thankful – promise?


Coach Nancy

Pacing yourself is one thing…

The picture below from our friends at Growing Bolder made me laugh. A geriatric Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker is just not a pretty picture, right?

I've never really been one to "pace myself" very much. The alternative approach I prefer is to "work hard(er). And when I neglect the second part of that for too long, there are consequences. Recovery is important, and as you age you need more rest and recovery. 


You have to consistently do something to rest and recover from. As we age FREQUENCY of exercise is actually shown to be more important than INTENSITY of exercise. In other words how often we exercise is more important than how much weight we lift. As we get into our fifties and beyond the whole "use it or lose it" concept is heightened. Missing workouts is very counterproductive; strength and mobility start to be lost after only a couple weeks. And we all know how hard it is (and how sore we are) when we miss time and then try to get started again.

So here's my encouragement to you. The holidays are coming. You are going to be busy - you already know this. DON'T miss your training. YOU are as important as anything else that is tugging at you. My goal is as that as we age together, we defy the "normal" and do what it takes to stay active, mind, spirit and body. 

Never stop climbing (and smashing through) walls.

Keep Making It Happen!

- DC

When I Feel My Best I am a Sheep

Call me crazy but when I feel my best I am just like a sheep. I've been studying sheep (another reason to call me crazy) and here is what I have learned. In order to lie down a sheep must have 4 items met in their lives. So when we see a picture with sheep lazily eating grass and other sheep lying down in the shade here is what had to happen for that picture to be taken. 

  1. Sheep will not lie down unless they are not afraid. That means not agitated or easily riled. Then can't be on edge at all, they need to feel safe, secure, peaceful in order to lie down.
  2. Sheep will not lie down unless they have total peace within the flock. That means each little sheep has to be happy about the sheep next to him, being next to him. They have to be a happy little flock of sheep to lie down.
  3. Sheep will not lie down unless nothing is pestering them. Point number one covered the big fear factors of wild animals and beast eating them. Point number two covered the sheep next to him driving him crazy. This pestering is from the things that drive the sheep personally crazy- flies, ticks, and pests. Ever hear the phrase; "That really bugs me."? It very well could have come from someone trying to get a sheep to lie down. 
  4. Sheep will not lie down if they are hungry. This is easy to put into human terms and no one likes to go to bed hungry and we certainly will not be restful if we are not sure where are next meals is coming from 

So I am at my best when I am like a sheep.

My hubby, Dean, does the best job ever giving me a sense of security in my life. We live in a country where our security is relatively established. 

I am the one more in control of point number 2. I am a better person if I am not irritated by another member of the human race. Wow is that easy to say and yet so hard to do. Having internal peace along with external security helps me to be the best version of me. I don't want to drive others crazy either. 

Taking diligent care of myself physically helps me to keep that small ache or pain from 'bugging' me. The same is true when I let people under my skin and find they annoy the life out of me. Small irritations, little annoyances, petty frustrations, and ever recurring disagreeable circumstances leave me anything but my best. I have to be on my A- game in order to not let these little things pile up to full blown challenges. 

I live in a place where food is thrown out in bushels at grocery stores and restaurants. There is many programs to help those in need. In fact next week if you bring in a canned food item, Chichester Massage will award you a discount to your next massage.They will also pass along your food item to the local food banks. And yet how many of us find ourselves lacking in emotional food. We find ourselves drained and unable to put our best foot forward. Feeding yourself is all about our nutritional food but just as much about food that feeds the soul. 

What do you think? Want to feel your best? BE like a sheep and Make It Happen.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Don’t Be Distracted By the “What If’s?”

At times, I am distracted by the many 'if only's'. If only I was younger. If only I was taller. If only I needed  to vacuum my house just once a year. If only I had all my kids still at home. If only I had my dinners perfectly planned out for the next month. If only I could be just a tad bit more organized. The list could go on and on. Yet despite my characteristics, my personality, my age, my demeanor, my kids  or even because of them; I count my life a success. And you should too.

  • "Make the most of every opportunity"
  • "Seize the day"
  • "Do everything to the best of your ability"

These and many more sayings proclaim how valuable you are as an individual. We cannot all be successful in the eyes of the stock market. We cannot all be a hit when it comes to the models on Vogue. We cannot all be the boss of our company or the governor of our state. And yet we can all do the best in whatever situation we find ourselves. 

Three tips to staying away from the Distractions of the 'What If's"

  1. Always be Thankful. Gratitude is missing is so many people's lives. We wish for this or that to change and yet we miss the blessing of all that is in front of us. When those 'What if's' come creeping into your day, shoo them away with being grateful for who you are, where you are, what you look and act like, and all those around you. 
  2. Be pleasant. Every word you speak should be enjoyable to those you are talking to and easy on the ears of all who might be listening. We've all been in ear shot of someone else giving a piece of their mind to a store clerk or restaurant manager. In all that we say, say it like you would want someone to say it to you. Be nice and play nice. 
  3. Be content. Those 'What if's' sneak up on us when we are looking at others and wishing we had what they did, acted like they do, go where they go and spend like they spend. I bet if you could jump into their thoughts they are just as human as the rest of us. 

Today has enough to think and dwell on that is in the realm of reality. Stay in the moment and live it to be the Best Day Ever. 

Coach Nancy

I know I still have it Better than 90% (or more) of the World - Best Day Ever

The Autumn of Life

 I doubt any of us want to sit down and dwell on the fact that life is short. Yet reminders are all around us, particular those of us who are in the "second half", or more, of our time on this earth.

As I write this I am sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's October 10, 2019. I am here to celebrate the life and mourn the death of a friend, Steve Ohman. He died Monday after a long, but too short, battle with cancer. 

Tomorrow morning before I head to the funeral home I am heading north to visit my in-laws. Dad has been battling pancreatic cancer for over a year now, and it will be great to see them. I know they know I love them, but I don't think they really have an idea of how precious they are to me. They accepted me as part of their family when they had every reason not to. They allowed me to marry my best friend and love of my life, even though I was really just a know nothing punk. They modeled love and grace and kindness, and I owe them a debt I can never repay.

And then comes Monday. It was on a Monday, October 14, 2002 to be exact, that I saw my son Derek alive for the last time. 17 years is a long time ago, only it seems like just yesterday. And while the anniversary always brings some pain, it remains a gift. A reminder of how foolish I can be with my time and my energy. A reminder that you really never do know what the next moment will bring. A reminder that every day is a short breath of time you can never get back once it's lost. It's also a reminder of the gift of friends, who are there to lift you up when things go sideways. My friend Steve's wife Sherri was one of those gifts when Derek died. She was a faithful prayer warrior who lifted us up to heaven when we needed it most, and the letter she sent shortly after his passing is more valuable than a mountain of gold. Steve's parents Dave and Marilyn have become dear to us through the Ohman families trial, and have been a picture of faith and grace to us.

I don't pretend to know why things like these happen. But I have never been more convinced that despite why I might think is unfair, there is a God that cares and has a purpose. I have experienced too much peace through trials and too much grace through hardship to think otherwise. You may think I am delusional, but I think not. You may say that belief in God is just my crutch, just something to make me feel better, but you'll never convince me. A God that the human mind can completely understand is not big enough to be God at all. There is too much evidence, if you are willing to look for it. I know I will never convince everyone, and that's ok. That's not my job. My job is to serve, and love, and give back the gifts I have been given the best way I can.

If you take nothing else away from all this, just remember to make the most of every moment, to love as hard as you can, to forgive the ones that don't deserve it, to show mercy to those who need it, and never, never, never forget to count your blessings, no matter how small. Autumn comes quickly, and passes by even faster. Live a life that matters while you can.

- DC

Fat Loss Follow Along Week 4: Zzzzzzzzz

t's hard to believe, but we are already starting week 4 of our Fall Fat Loss Challenge!

Who doesn't need more sleep? Raise your hand. Higher. Higher. Hmmm, I can't see many hands out there.

Sleep may be THE missing factor in your health care, and if you are having trouble losing weight, lack of sleep may be why. 

Read on to discover this weeks new habit and why it's so important:

Get 7 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Did you know that 63% of Americans report their sleep needs are not being met during the week? Also 30% of adults report sleeping less than 6 hours every night!  We all know that sleep and recovery are very important to our overall health but tend to be ignored. Not anymore!!

New Habit: Sleep at Least 7 Hours a Night

We are not going to go crazy and ask you to start getting 9 hours of sleep right off the bat. By the end of this week, if you can increase your average sleep time by one hour, that would be a great improvement!

Instead of focusing on the end outcome (number of hours of sleep), we are going to focus on the process that will get you there.

Do you have a sleep routine?

What you do right before bed every night is very important in letting your body know that it is bed time. If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep, this habit will be great for you!

Even if you already have a sleep routine, hopefully you will learn a few more tips and tricks that can make it even better.

If you don’t have a routine, this week might be a little challenging. Don’t worry. When you get the hang of it, you will be amazed at how much better you are sleeping and feeling throughout the day!

What To Do Now

For now, track your sleep habits for one night. Write down what activities you do in the 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Note what time you get into bed and approximately what time you fall asleep. Also note if you wake throughout the night and how long you stay awake or if you're able to fall right back to sleep.  Note what time you wake up and if this is a pretty normal night for you.

We will use this information going forward.

Check your lesson tomorrow as we give a few tips for your first night of your new sleep routine!

Sleep Tight!

- DC

Step Up, Grab Hold, and See What You’re Made Of! October InBody Challenge

When you step on a scale and see that you've lost 2 pounds, what have you really lost? Muscle, fat, water? Cr8 Fitness has an InBody so you can change the way you see your weight and understand your health better. 

Think about when you take your car into the shop for an inspection. In order to examine the condition of the car, the mechanic opens the hood, checks the fluids, and inspects the working components.

Body composition analysis is the same idea, except instead of examining your engine oil level or testing the battery life, you are getting a measurement of your fat, muscle mass, and body water levels.

By “looking under the hood” and understanding what areas you need to improve on in order to achieve a healthy body composition, you will look and feel so much better!   

This is what you are made of!

Knowing how much Muscle, Fat and Water you are currently made of will give you a starting point. Your first InBody scan might be a bit scary. Remember it is numbers, a starting point. From there changes in your diet, your activity level, addressing your stress, and amount of sleep will start to change those numbers. 

The best thing about a machine and numbers, they do not have feelings, judge, or talk about you to others. As your coach, I can help you work out a plan to get those numbers moving in the right direction. Don't take my word for it, I could spend hours on the InBody website. They do a great job explaining those numbers and what you can do about them. "Your Metabolism and Your Body Composition" is just one of many articles that helps you to see how the InBody be a tool to help you achieve your health goals. 

Our Step Up, Grab Hold, and See What You're Made of October Challenge will give you a peek into how InBody can assist you. During the week of October 1-4 everyone will do their first Inbody scan. A second scan will be done the week of October 14-18, and then a third the week of October 28-31. Knowing you will be stepping on the InBody three times this month can give you the accountability to stay with a healthier eating plan. It will give you the awareness your choices over time gives to your body. Having more awareness and more accountability are two factors to drop unwanted body fat. 

True story: "I weigh myself everyday. My weight bounces within a 3-5 pound range and I am content with that. A few weeks ago, I decided to train 4 days a week and push myself hard. I noticed quickly that my weight jumped up consistently 2 pounds. My first thought was to stop eating totally. I had been tracking my meals and didn't feel I deserved 2 pounds. In fact I felt my clothes were actually a bit loser than usual. What was going on. It was then I heard Coach Dean in my head, "do a scan, get the facts. you need numbers not feelings". I hate it when he is right. Those two pounds were an increase in muscle, my body fat had gone down. Now I actually could do a jump for joy, my hard work was paying off. Thank you InBody and Coach Dean for nailing it down for me." 

Don't be shy, It doesn't hurt to scan.       Step Up, Grab Hold and See What You're Made Of!

Coach Nancy

Dan the Million Meter Man

Many of us set goals, some of us accomplish them. Fewer of us accomplish them 4 months ahead of time. When someone crushes a goal it is worthy of a big shout out. Dan did just that. In February of last year, he decided he would ski One Million Meters in a year. As a group we did a Million Meters in March. Each of us skied 626 meters daily in order for the group of 110 peeps at Cr8 Fitness to finish 1,000,000 meters. At the end of March we had a total of 1,006,292 meters. It took daily consistent effort from the team. Magnify that by daily consistent effort from one person to hit 1,000,000. Dan is the Million Meter Man.

Dan crushed his goal. He had his team's support and cheering. You might have a goal you've worked towards. Take aways from Dan the Million Meter Man would be:

  1. Create a plan to make it happen 
  2. Just keep going  
  3. Don't let set backs stop you AND
  4. Listen to good stuff while you're working at your goal. (You'll have to ask Dan what he listens to as he skis.)

Keep Making It Happen - no matter what your goals are,

Coach Nancy

Food Journaling is Like The Worst Cleaning Job Ever

I've been talking to a lot of people about food journaling. While I dislike food journaling as much as I dislike cleaning out the drainage bin under my fridge there are some compelling reasons to do it. Actually there are great benefits to cleaning out the catch all bin under my fridge as well as food journaling. 

A while back we had company and they had a toddler. Wouldn't you know one of their toys rolled under my fridge. I actually thought I'd rather hear the horrified screaming of the toddler thinking they'd never see their toy again than rolling my fridge back at that moment. I couldn't remember the last time I had cleaned under there. It wasn't pretty. Dust balls and dog hair in abundance and I am not sure what some of that other stuff was. I was embarrassed I had let it go that long. Of course I had reasons and excuses and my friends said they were just like me. But it wasn't okay. That mess under my fridge taught me to keep things under control. I needed to expect someone checking up on me to hold me accountable to my cleaning routine. The same holds true of my eating. Food journaling can remind me to stay accountable to my plan. By logging food for just a few days or a week I can see where things have crept in and where the dirt is. Food journaling keeps me accountable to what I expect from myself.

- Food Journaling -

  •  If you know that you are going to have to write down and document everything that you put in your mouth, do you think you might think twice about eating 8 chocolate chip cookies along with a diet coke? It's kind of like allowing someone else to see under your fridge.  

Accountability will help keep you on track with your food choices.

At the same time food journaling brings awareness. Moving my fridge that day and every time since brings awareness. I see what I have let happen over time but it also reminds me to keep things from getting that dirty in the first place. Food journaling does the same thing. Knowing I have to write something down or snapping a picture of my food keeps me aware to make a great choice instead of just eating. 

  • If you know you are going to write down what you will eat at lunch, it will help to steer you towards a colorful salad instead of a hamburger and fries. 

Awareness will help keep you on track with your food choices. 

Next time you are in my house, please don't expect perfection under my fridge, I am only human. The accountability and awareness has created a happier and more efficient fridge and fridge owner. Surprise surprise, food journaling can help to increase your weight loss. A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that keeping a "food diary" may double your weight loss efforts. This was based off of a group of over 1,600 people. Those who tracked their food choices lost almost 10 more pounds following the same advice as the control group. 

Next time you see your fridge, don't just see all the food contained inside those doors, Remember to look under your fridge and see the benefits of keeping it clean. Then grab your pen and paper to journal your food choices. 

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

Follow Along with our Fall Fat Loss Challenge

Today is the start of our 28-Day Fall Fat Loss Challenge, and even if for some crazy reason you didn't sign up for it (it was free, after all), I thought over the next 4 Mondays I'd tell you what we are doing so you can follow along at home.

Here's the habit (or skill if you like) we are working on this week:

Keep a Food Journal Everyday

This habit is nothing revolutionary, but can and will make a big impact.

A lot of us think that we eat pretty healthy and only cheat once in a while. However, if we actually tracked everything that we put into our mouths on a daily basis, we might change our tune just a bit.

Documenting what you eat and drink at every meal will give you a much better look into your true eating habits and not just what you perceive you eat. This can be a very beneficial process.

It usually goes one of two ways:

#1 – “My current eating habits are pretty much on par with what my assumptions were.”

#2 – “I always thought of myself as making decent food choices, but after looking at it for 7 days, I definitely have room for improvement.”

While these two scenarios don't encompass everyone, they are the most common conclusions we see from our clients.

In situation #1, this process helped you focus in on what exactly you were eating and when. It gave you more concrete data than just, “Yeah I think I eat pretty well.”

In situation #2, this process might have opened your eyes to your true eating habits. Maybe before this you thought you only ate dessert once in a great while, when in reality you have 2-3 desserts per week! Now this might be an extreme example but you never quite know what you are going to find out until you actually track something.

Today you need to get a notebook, download an app like MyFitnessPal, or grab a copy of this template and start recording what you ate today.  The process isn't hard and you might need a few reminders today.  Also right now, set a few reminders on your phone to record your food.  

Got it?  


Have a great day. 

DC & The Fall Fat Loss Challenge Team

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