Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

I am so proud of you. I mean SO proud. As your coach I see you rolling with the punches. While we are working at keeping each other safe and practicing social distancing you are not putting aside your health and fitness. Health and Fitness was a priority six months ago and now you are sticking to it. 

For most of us Zoom is a new technology. Who wants to learn new when so much has been forced on you as new. And yet you are rolling with the punches and making it happen. 

Making it happen is what we say after each training. It's a purposeful statement to help us fight against the nudge to go the easy route. Fitness is hard. I get that. Eating healthy is hard. Who hasn't done a bit of stress eating lately? Health is harder to keep as we age. Thank you and give yourself a pat on the back for taking the harder route. 

For now until we find a better plan or best yet, we can return to the gym we'll train each day using Zoom. If your schedule has changed, join in at a different training time. Every time you work on your health, you are working to keep Covid away. It's hard work. 

I'll see you at training via Zoom. The Zoom link we are using for all training is here (bookmark it!):

In three training times we've had over 40 people join in on the fun. (And yes, Monday's can be fun). There are two more training times to go. Let's keep Making It Happen.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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