We are upping our "garden game" this year!

Seems like a good idea for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the ultimate "eat local"! 🙂

Below are a few pics of what Nancy and I have been working on while we have been spending so much more time at home, ahem. 

We have built 4 - 16' raised beds and 2 - 3'x'6' cold frames, using some sliding doors from the old house that were headed to the dumpster. We have also started a bunch of seedlings and are playing around with a hydroponic grow tower from LettuceGrow.

On Wednesday we planted some more fruit and nut trees (somehow appropriate, huh?) as well as more blueberry bushes, and Nancy transplanted 18 raspberry bushes.

We are also mulling using part of the foundation of the old house and building a greenhouse on top of it, building in an earth battery and perhaps carving out some space for a root cellar.

Do you garden? Please share what you are doing!


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Take a Step Toward Change
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