I Don’t Care

Yes, you read it right. "I Don't Care." There are so many things in this world that I am passionate about but there are probably many more that I just don't care about. It might be that I don't have an interest in the subject matter. Take the aerodynamics for the wing of a speckled nose brown bat. Or if you mentioned how to test the quality of the ingredients that make up the oil that goes into your lawn mower, I might roll my attention elsewhere. It's not that I hate the subject I just don't care enough about it to take a big interest. 

It might be that I say I don't care because it doesn't effect me. Going back to the oil in the engine of the lawn mower, if I was the one responsible party for mowing our lawn or buying the lawn mower, I might have a more vested interest. Currently others in my household take care of that for me, which I am very grateful. 

My "I don't care"- Attitude could also stem from the toddler living inside me. When things are tough for me, I just don't want to put in the effort it would take to learn, or study, or grow, or become familiar with, or get comfortable doing. 

Sometimes I need to grow up a bit and throw off my "I don't care" personality and learn to care. I am old enough to realize I might not have the time or energy to invest in caring. In those instances I want to take advantage of others desire and care. When Dean and I dove into a healthier lifestyle there were many things I just didn't care to know. I wanted to stay comfortable eating how I was eating, doing what I was doing. I wanted to be healthier but I didn't want to "Care Enough" to make it happen. I had to grow up a bit and force myself to 'care'. I also took advantage of others knowledge and invested in their efforts in order to help me along.

What about you? Do you have the "I don't care" - attitude? And is that attitude serving you well in all areas of life? 

I often hear that I am so glad I can come to Cr8 Fitness where Dean and Nancy have created a plan that is already in place. You don't have to come up with a plan or know what is the best choice of exercises, the time to do an exercise, or the tool to do it with. You are grabbing hold of our knowledge and using that to your advantage. It's not that you don't care about your health, you do. You've made a wise decision to train where a plan is designed and well executed. 

Can you say the same for your nutrition? Do you have a plan where you can rely on a system that is known to work? Do you care enough to fuel your body with the food you know will help you reach that healthy lifestyle? It took me a long time to figure out, study, educate myself on what is a great system to not only eat well, but will increase my health, and works to make getting that food on the table easier. Cr8 Your Plate with Modern Meal is the easiest system I have found.  Again grab hold of our knowledge and use it to your advantage. 

When I was a teen my Dad taught me how to change the oil in my car, check brakes, and do some minor maintenance on vehicles. I very much appreciate it. I now invest in others to tend to my vehicle. I care about maintaining my car in working order, I just don't care enough to do it myself. There are some things I do have to do though. I have to watch my gauges, I still fill up the care with gas and note when services are due. The end responsibility falls on my shoulders. 

It can be like that for your health and nourishment. Cr8 Fitness is the tool you use to help yourself and in the end it is your responsibility to Make It Happen. Let us make it easier for you each step of the way. 

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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