Little Things Do Make a Difference

I’m a wife, a mom, and a Grandma. My three little ones call me, Gigi. Just like I’d do for my kids, I’d do anything for my grandchildren. When Jack had a possible diagnosis of Autism, I wanted to learn all I could. It led Dean and I to pursue education in the fitness business specializing in helping those with autism. Autism Fitness started as a gym designed to help people with autism. The founder soon decided to become a teaching facility in order to expand his reach. Dean and I both took his course.

In our excitement about how much this could help make connections to this increasing population we told others about the training available at Autism Fitness. Mae Lynn was one of those people we told. Having a son with autism and her love of fitness Mae Lynn took the course too. Her intention at first was to help her son even better. She asked if she could use Cr8 Fitness as his place for his training. It was the beginning of Right Fit Fitness.

Here’s where little things do make a difference.

Dean and I gave an open door to Mae Lynn so she could help her son. It was easy. Mae Lynn does all the work, she takes care of everything. I make sure the gym door is open, that’s it.

This is where it gets exciting. Mae Lynn has now started a new business. Under the helpful and wonderful watch care of Get Fit NH, Right Fit Fitness operates. She uses physical training to help young adults with autism. The impact of one open door is now reaching to others. She didn’t stop there though. Her desire is to reach more and more people. She knows teaching others all she knows is key to help more people dealing with autism. Together they've held classes for parents and educators. Her knowledge is being passed onto others to create a better connection with their autistic child. In January Right Fit Fitness and Get Fit NH brought in Autism Fitness to expand that reach into more of New Hampshire. Over 20 parents and school personal attended the course.

The reach goes on.

Lori N who has trained with Cr8 Fitness for almost 7 years just completed the Autism Fitness course with Mae Lynn.  Congratulations Lori!

Lori works in a private school for those with special needs. She also has a son with autism. Her desire is to use physical training to help her students, their families, and her son.

I am amazed at how this is growing from an open door to a new business to bringing fitness to schools.

How can you help this reach even further? I’m not sure. For starters visit Right Fit Fitness web page. If you know someone with autism, a therapist, or an educator pass this along to them. You just never know what a little thing can do. I just know if we keep our minds open to possibilities anything can happen.

Make it Happen,

Coach Nancy

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