We missed it last year but we're not going to make that mistake again. March Madness is back. During the month of March we've challenged you to work just a bit harder or in many cases longer. This year is no different. March Madness includes a personal challenge and a team challenge. 

March Madness individually means you'll be completing 1,000 Get Ups over the month. If you do the math and I did that ends up being about 38 every day in order to complete the requirement before Recovery week. (Recovery week starts March 28 and goes through April 4th) Monday during training many were able to finish all 38 and some even did more. I'll help you out as much as possible. Recording the Get Ups is on the honor system. Zoom trainers, please let me know either on Zoom or text me. (Of course emailing works too) Don't worry if you know Get Ups are a challenge for you, I will work with you to help you keep your March Madness challenge. 

March Madness for the Team. Starting today, Monday, March 1st. Every training hour that has 100% of its peeps completing their 38 for the first four days, Monday - Thursday, will have a party on Friday. I know what's March without a party the first week? Remember you need to do four days of 38 Get Ups. You could choose to do 152 Get Ups in a row instead. It is March Madness.  

The Madness starts today,

Coach Nancy


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