Summer is such an amazing time of year. It kicks off with school getting out, Fourth of July, family vacations or weekend get-a-ways, and usually by August the heat has caught up to us. I find I am outside, busy, and running nonstop just in a bit different way than through the colder months. I've already heard a few peeps at Cr8 Fitness say, they took off training just because the weather was so nice. Ahhhhh the downside of summer. Barbecues, ice cream, and more salads that don't have much of the green leafy stuff in them often causes us to lose our focus on nutrition. 

Here is where our challenge begins. "Mental Toughness, Extra Effort"  We're going to need a bit more Stick-to-itiveness. In other words we need Mental Toughness. I'll help you pour a bit more Extra Effort into training and your nutrition. We run this challenge to keep you honest as we head into a time of year known for being a bit more relaxed. 

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you never had to fall off the wagon! Imagine if you had some extra motivation (along with what your coach can do) to keep you going and keep you honest...

Well imagine no more! Mental Toughness, Extra Effort is for you and here is how it works:

Show up: There are 48 opportunities to train at Cr8 Fitness June through August.  Your goal is to hit 40! I You'll pick up a challenge card and each day starting on June 1st we will initial the card and that will be your ticket to winning! We know not everyone does Facebook, BUT we would greatly appreciate the added effort of checking in. This extra step will help Coach Nancy with her BIG goal of changing the whole world. You're a big part of that goal. As you get healthier you automagically get happier and the world needs more happy. The more people who train at Cr8 Fitness the happier the world can be. Send your friends here so that they can join in the Mental Toughness, Extra Effort Challenge with you

Step up: The InBody! On the backside of the card there will be a monthly spot to hit up the InBody. You want to talk about keeping yourself honest? Nothing better than the good ole "truth booth" to keep you on pace. I don't know the average weight gain in the summer but I don't want any part of it. It is a lot of work to get those pounds off so let's not fall into that category. Mental Toughness Extra Effort will keep you honest.

Stick it up: This will also be a monthly spot on the backside of your card. This is for your nutrition goal. Each month you'll chose a new goal to complete. You could even keep the same goal all summer. Nutrition goals are already part of our culture. Mental Toughness, Extra Effort will continue to help you build those healthy habits. 

If you fill up your card with 40 attendance checks, 3 (June, July, and August) step ups and stick it ups then you will have shown the world your Mental Toughness by your Extra Effort!

Let's make it happen,

Coach Nancy


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