My Biggest Super Bowl Takeaway(s)

Now I know that not everyone who reads this is a New England Patriots fan, but nobody is perfect, and I forgive you. 🙂

And even if you are not a football fan, or a sports fan in general, this article still applies to you.

As I reflected what was for some a really boring game, and others a frustrating game, and still others a game just to be grateful their team won, I thought about what we could learn from it. As I mulled it over, this is the thought that kept cropping up:

"Stick with what you are doing for long enough, but not for too long".

Going into the game the Patriots had an offensive game plan (based on what happened it was very offensive - but I digress). Stay balanced with the pass and the run, get the ball out of Brady's hand fast, work to the outside receivers. 

Did it work?

Based on the number of points they scored, it would be fair to say no. But I think it did, until it didn't. 

By staying patient with the run, and not trying to get too cute too soon, I believe it eventually wore the Rams defense down. But the Pats weren't so stubborn doing it "their way" that they weren't afraid to throw out the game plan and do something different (You can read about that adjustment here). They stuck with the plan long enough, made the changes they needed to when they needed to, and got the result they were looking for - in this case the winning touchdown. 

So how does that affect you? Good question. 

My takeaway from this is two-fold.

1) Don't give up on what you are doing too early.

It's human nature to want things to happen fast, like NOW! We start working out for the first time in a long time, and/or we change how we are eating in order to lose weight. 10 days later we haven't lost 20 pounds, so we give up. Whoa Nellie! You have to give things enough time to see if they are actually making a difference or not. You also have to actually be following the plan. Can I be honest here? When you start a nutrition plan and then "tweak it" here or there, you are not actually following the plan. Follow THE plan, not your preferred version of the plan. If you FOLLOW and COMPLETE the plan (the 2019 Fresh Start Challenge, for instance) and things aren't changing, then and ONLY then should you consider changing what you are doing.

2) Don't stubbornly persist in doing what you are doing if it's not working

Coach Dean's "Get Real" part 2. We all laugh about the person at the gym who we see on the treadmill, every day faithfully, for weeks, months and even years, and whose body never seems to change one little bit. We think to ourselves "What a waste of time, how dumb is that?" But be honest and look in the mirror. Are you getting the results YOU want to get, all the time? We all tend fall into this pattern. We LIKE doing endless cardio. We LIKE staying up late and watching television. We LIKE cookies, and ho ho's and french fries and donuts. We LIKE having a glass (or two or three) of wine or beer every night.

A tried and true coaching question I ask clients (and myself) is "How's That Working For You?" If it's NOT, it's time to change something. Doesn't matter if you like it or not. Want to or not. A different result then what you are getting is going to take what none of us really like - Change.

The Patriots could have stuck with what they were doing. Josh McDaniels could have stubbornly persisted regardless of what was actually happening. But he and the team showed how success is achieved.

"Stick with what you are doing for long enough, but not for too long".

Make It Happen!

Coach Dean

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