Become UnStoppable

I recently sent this out to a group doing the Fresh Start Challenge. I know we could all use this to inspire us to stay with it, to get moving, to eat healthier, to lift more, to work longer, to perfect a hard exercise, to do what makes us- us.

“Get Ready for it,          ....SELF- DISCIPLINE!!

Just something to think about today.

We're faced with hundreds of decisions each and every day. Self-Discipline is a CHOICE...and a very empowering one.

Each time you choose to move forward in the direction of your success, you gain momentum.

Each decision (even the small ones) builds momentum until you can NOT be stopped!

Today, make one extra decision that will move you closer towards your goals where you may have otherwise have made a different choice.


Many of you written down a Purpose for Training in 2019. How are you doing as you hit one month into the year? Have you made some progress towards your goal? A small daily step that moves you consistently forward? Maybe one of those giant steps like a Shark Bite that propelled you into greater action?

These ladies took on a challenge to do Snurpees (Burpees in the snow). It was so cold outside that schools had been delayed yet they became UnStoppable. They did what they could and Made It Happen. I'm proud of them.

Can you see yourself just taking a step forward and laughing with friends along the way? Did others take this challenge? Of course, these ladies allowed me to video them. 🙂

They just kept more and more crazy as we had more and more ladies join in.

Don’t stand still this year. Be UnStoppable! Your first step is to stay at it. Be consistent with yourself. No one can help you more then you help yourself.

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To your best health,

Coach Nancy

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