Try Sleeping With a Mosquito

My life has been influenced by so many people- Coach Dean, my parents, teachers, friends, and family. Just as I have been influenced by others, inevitably what I do and say will influence others for good or bad. As the African proverb puts it, "if you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito." The mosquito makes a difference in an annoying way, but the principle is still the same. One person can be the voice for truth, one person's kindness can save a life. Each person matters. 

5 ways your influence translates into the gym

  1. Be Good to Yourself- You aren't 16 anymore, and that's ok. Just because you aren't a kid doesn't mean you have to give up on moving, feeling, looking, and maybe even acting like one! Smart Training is listening to your coach and listening to your body in order to stay safe and injury free on your journey to superhero strong and fit. If you listen- others will too.
  2. Be Good To Everyone- Be polite and play nice. Treat people in (and outside) of Cr8 like you want them to treat you. 
  3. Eat Good Foods- Your body is awesome. Superhero Awesome. When you feed it what it needs, you build healthy cells and a metabolism that wants to get rid of excess body fat. It's amazing that when you eat good food, others will notice. They'll notice in how you look and  how you act. When they ask you then your influence will really shine.  
  4. Shout Out Good Things- You really don't have to yell, but you do need to continually talk up goodness. It's easy to be pulled down by the cares of life. We all have something we are dealing with. Take time to encourage others, make them smile, congratulate them, and cheer them up. 
  5. Maximize All Things Good- Have you ever heard me proclaim that this is the Best Day Ever? My days rarely trump the day before and then the day before that. That doesn't mean I can't try, right? 

At Cr8 Fitness we are trying to change the world. We need your help to do that. By being an influencer of all things 'Good' you can spread health to first yourself, then to those closest to you, then to a larger sphere and so on. There's something about getting healthier that just automagically helps you be happier. And the world needs more happy.  

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

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