Work Hard or Hard Work?

I'm in the gym 6 days a week to train, meet clients, clean, or stock inventory. A few weeks ago I rearranged all the Dumbbells and Kettlebells. You might recall the contest to guess how much I moved that day? 7,454 pounds of metal so that the traffic could flow a bit easier. It was hard work. 

Since March we have all faced different challenges because of Covid. One theme keeps coming back to mind as I see you struggle to create your new normal. You're Working Hard! As an observer it is thrilling to see the determination and guts, the flexibility and creativity, the energy and positiveness you've displayed while training. 

We have a nutrition challenge starting on January 29th. This challenge will give us (I'm in this with you) the opportunity to Reset, Redo, or just Start getting our food back in line so our waistlines don't keep suffering. YOU 2.0 in 2021 is designed to focus our attention to the kitchen so we can Work Hard on both sides of Health. FYI, the first 50 people to register get $10 off.  

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy

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