Your Coach is Asking for Help, Please

For many years I've participated and encouraged you to join in on the Rock N Race 5K. This year again I am encouraging you to join this great event as a fundraiser for the Payson Center in Concord. They do a great job making this event for everyone. You can walk or run or do some of both. There are bands playing, people dancing, and many that come out along the street to applaud you as one actively participating. They even feed you at the end of the race. And yet this year, I am choosing not to be there. My heart is just too heavy this year. 

I of all people should lead the charge on May 16th. As you know last September I asked each of you in the gym to help me as my Dad battles pancreatic cancer. He is in his 10th month of chemo and treatments. The treatments alone are taking a toll on his health. At this moment in time, I am hating the word 'cancer'. It is a knife that strikes the heart each time I hear it. My sister is still recovering from all the treatments she endured for her throat cancer. I know many of you can relate. 

This year I am a chicken (an emotional basket case) and I don't choose to put myself in a place that is a sea of T- shirts reminding me of all the pain so many endure and have endured with cancer. I will be back to this fundraiser. I am asking for your help in two ways.

  1. Support the Rock N Race. Join a team. Cr8 Fitness's very own Hall of Fame member Jenn is team captain of the Davis & Towle team. She'd love to have you join them that night. If you can't get there on May 16th, you can support the Payson Center or other cancer centers. 
  2. In September when I let you know about my dad I asked you for a head nod every once in awhile to let me know your behind me in this. I am thankful for those nods. They are more important than you know. 

Our Rock N Race team in 2018- Jenn is in the left front row in white.

Cancer is a word that makes me angry. That word alone stirs up the fighting spirit inside of me. I will be there to fight against this terrible disease, I will battle it to the end. Today I need your help in holding strong for me. 

Coach Nancy 

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