15 Different Vegetable using the ABC Veggie Challenge 

Who doesn't need to challenge themselves to eat more veggies? Vegetables are the triple win. 1. Loaded with vitamins and minerals. 2. They have tons of fiber and 3. They are relatively low in calorie. That's a triple win. Now I want you to eat more of these triple win foods. Here's the ABC Veggie challenge. Your goal for the next 30 days is to place a check mark next to each letter of the alphabet. (each letter stands for a veggie that you'll be eating) These are the rules. You can only check off one letter each day. You must have already eaten that vegetable before checking it off. Its a 30 day challenge and only 26 letters so you have a bit of lee way. For example if I ate spinach today I could check off the S. After I eat my breakfast tomorrow I will have had kale so after breakfast I can then check off the K. The vegetables listed are just ideas. You can pick other vegetables that start with that letter. You don't have to go in order but you need to check off at least 15 if not all 26 in 30 days. Who's up for the challenge?

A is for Asparagus/ artichoke

B is for beets, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts

C is for cucumber, carrot, and cabbage

D is for daikon and dandelion greens

E us for endive and eggplant

F is for fiddleheads

G is for green beans

H is for herbs off all kinds

I is for icy- came from the freezer

J is for jicama

K is for kale

L is for leeks and lettuce

M is for mushrooms and mustard greens

N is for not bought in a grocery store ( grown at home, CSA, farm stand, farmers market)

O is for okra and onion

P is for parsnips, peppers, and peas

Q is for quiet when eaten (think crunchy carrot vs. a cooked carrot- much quieter)

R is for radish, romaine, and rutabaga

S is for spinach and Swiss chard

T is for turnip and tomato

U is for veggies grown under ground

V is for very spicy vegetables

W is for watercress

X is for an 'Xtra' serving of veggies

Y is for yams, yellow squash or yellow peppers

Z is for zucchini

!5 Days without Snacking

15 Days without snacks. Here’s the challenge: Every day you go without snacks give yourself a check mark or a tally mark. At the end of 30 days count up your marks. Your goal is at least 15.