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Pacing yourself is one thing…

The picture below from our friends at Growing Bolder made me laugh. A geriatric Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker is just not a pretty picture, right?

I've never really been one to "pace myself" very much. The alternative approach I prefer is to "work hard(er). And when I neglect the second part of that for too long, there are consequences. Recovery is important, and as you age you need more rest and recovery. 


You have to consistently do something to rest and recover from. As we age FREQUENCY of exercise is actually shown to be more important than INTENSITY of exercise. In other words how often we exercise is more important than how much weight we lift. As we get into our fifties and beyond the whole "use it or lose it" concept is heightened. Missing workouts is very counterproductive; strength and mobility start to be lost after only a couple weeks. And we all know how hard it is (and how sore we are) when we miss time and then try to get started again.

So here's my encouragement to you. The holidays are coming. You are going to be busy - you already know this. DON'T miss your training. YOU are as important as anything else that is tugging at you. My goal is as that as we age together, we defy the "normal" and do what it takes to stay active, mind, spirit and body. 

Never stop climbing (and smashing through) walls.

Keep Making It Happen!

- DC

Lessons from My Uncle

My mom brought my Uncle David over for a visit yesterday, and it was a great time. David lives in California, and I haven't seen him for 5 years or so. He was in New England for his 60th high school reunion, to put some affairs in order, and to visit mom and some friends.

He and mom came in and checked out the house we are building, and it was really fun for me to watch a guy who has been around a while just "get" what we are trying to accomplish with the design and layout. We talked about everything from the nautical look of the railings (and why) to the viability of solar powerin the Northeast, to the type of floor we chose to use. One of the lessons I learned is that those who have gained wisdom don't necessarily have all the answers, but they know how to ask really good questions. 

After the tour of the house we sat down on the couch and I just got to listen to him. Sure, he talked about some of the ailments that come with age, but we decided that getting old could be a lot better than the alternative (NOT getting old, if you catch my drift). He shared stories from his youth, and I learned some things about my mom's side of the family I never knew. We talked about the land he owns in Canterbury. He told me what he's up to now back home; how he helps his neighbors with their electrical issues, and his friend with the big chicken farm that he works on. We talked about tractors (which I have been looking at), what he has, and what I should look for and why. Another lesson I learned; Experience matters, but using that experience in the service of others matters more. And another; having the humility to actually listen to those with experience is pretty big too.

And in spite of all the health issues, and the advancing age, I also witnessed the fruits of staying active in mind and body for his 78 years. As he was leaving with my mom, I watched him head around the north end of the gym, disappear for a brief second, and then almost instantly reappear at the south end of the gym. He was headed behind the new house to go take a look at the backhoe we had been talking about. But what struck me was how fast he was moving, over pretty rough terrain (that part of the yard is pretty torn up from the construction and tree roots I have dug up). This is a guy who is clearly reaping the benefits of not sitting on his behind during his retirement years. The lesson I was reminded of; use it or lose it. 

Such a great visit, such good lessons.

So what does all this have to do with you? While we could the lessons I learned many different ways, here's one way we could apply it to taking care of ourselves and aging proactively.

Ask Good Questions. A really good question to consider; what positive thing can I do today, even right now, that will make my tomorrows brighter? Get more sleep, go to training, train hard once I get there, learn to cook something new? 

Learn from Experience. Don't be a know-it-all. Be a lifelong learner. And when you learn something new that matters, apply it and keep applying it.

Use It or Lose It. Getting older? Celebrate, don't whine about the aches and pains. I went to a funeral of a 53 year old friend a couple weeks ago. I am guessing you don't want to trade places with him. And while you are here, make the most of it. Get off the couch. Get active. Live, love and laugh. You are an amazing human being with talents and gifts the world needs. Don't hide them, use them. Enjoy the journey, even though so often it is hard. There is a big difference between being alive and really living.

Thanks Uncle David. Let's not wait another 5 years to do it again.

- DC

When I Feel My Best I am a Sheep

Call me crazy but when I feel my best I am just like a sheep. I've been studying sheep (another reason to call me crazy) and here is what I have learned. In order to lie down a sheep must have 4 items met in their lives. So when we see a picture with sheep lazily eating grass and other sheep lying down in the shade here is what had to happen for that picture to be taken. 

  1. Sheep will not lie down unless they are not afraid. That means not agitated or easily riled. Then can't be on edge at all, they need to feel safe, secure, peaceful in order to lie down.
  2. Sheep will not lie down unless they have total peace within the flock. That means each little sheep has to be happy about the sheep next to him, being next to him. They have to be a happy little flock of sheep to lie down.
  3. Sheep will not lie down unless nothing is pestering them. Point number one covered the big fear factors of wild animals and beast eating them. Point number two covered the sheep next to him driving him crazy. This pestering is from the things that drive the sheep personally crazy- flies, ticks, and pests. Ever hear the phrase; "That really bugs me."? It very well could have come from someone trying to get a sheep to lie down. 
  4. Sheep will not lie down if they are hungry. This is easy to put into human terms and no one likes to go to bed hungry and we certainly will not be restful if we are not sure where are next meals is coming from 

So I am at my best when I am like a sheep.

My hubby, Dean, does the best job ever giving me a sense of security in my life. We live in a country where our security is relatively established. 

I am the one more in control of point number 2. I am a better person if I am not irritated by another member of the human race. Wow is that easy to say and yet so hard to do. Having internal peace along with external security helps me to be the best version of me. I don't want to drive others crazy either. 

Taking diligent care of myself physically helps me to keep that small ache or pain from 'bugging' me. The same is true when I let people under my skin and find they annoy the life out of me. Small irritations, little annoyances, petty frustrations, and ever recurring disagreeable circumstances leave me anything but my best. I have to be on my A- game in order to not let these little things pile up to full blown challenges. 

I live in a place where food is thrown out in bushels at grocery stores and restaurants. There is many programs to help those in need. In fact next week if you bring in a canned food item, Chichester Massage will award you a discount to your next massage.They will also pass along your food item to the local food banks. And yet how many of us find ourselves lacking in emotional food. We find ourselves drained and unable to put our best foot forward. Feeding yourself is all about our nutritional food but just as much about food that feeds the soul. 

What do you think? Want to feel your best? BE like a sheep and Make It Happen.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Your 3 Step Checklist for ProActive Aging

A few days ago "Active Aging Week 2019" came to an end, but our pursuit of "better" doesn't have to. 

I love this "checklist" from our friends at Growing Bolder, because at Cr8 Fitness we are trying to spread the same message; Aging doesn't have to mean "getting old". Here's how we, and you, can live life to the fullest for as long as we live:

  • Pursue Your Passions - Make one of them your favorite fitness pursuit, hiking, biking, swimming, lifting
  • Socialize With Others - Cr8 Fitness is our favorite place to hang
  • Help Those In Your Community - Support Catamount Womenaid

Check out the video below for some more lessons on ProActive Aging, and remember, if you want to keep moving, you have to keep moving!

- DC

Don’t Be Distracted By the “What If’s?”

At times, I am distracted by the many 'if only's'. If only I was younger. If only I was taller. If only I needed  to vacuum my house just once a year. If only I had all my kids still at home. If only I had my dinners perfectly planned out for the next month. If only I could be just a tad bit more organized. The list could go on and on. Yet despite my characteristics, my personality, my age, my demeanor, my kids  or even because of them; I count my life a success. And you should too.

  • "Make the most of every opportunity"
  • "Seize the day"
  • "Do everything to the best of your ability"

These and many more sayings proclaim how valuable you are as an individual. We cannot all be successful in the eyes of the stock market. We cannot all be a hit when it comes to the models on Vogue. We cannot all be the boss of our company or the governor of our state. And yet we can all do the best in whatever situation we find ourselves. 

Three tips to staying away from the Distractions of the 'What If's"

  1. Always be Thankful. Gratitude is missing is so many people's lives. We wish for this or that to change and yet we miss the blessing of all that is in front of us. When those 'What if's' come creeping into your day, shoo them away with being grateful for who you are, where you are, what you look and act like, and all those around you. 
  2. Be pleasant. Every word you speak should be enjoyable to those you are talking to and easy on the ears of all who might be listening. We've all been in ear shot of someone else giving a piece of their mind to a store clerk or restaurant manager. In all that we say, say it like you would want someone to say it to you. Be nice and play nice. 
  3. Be content. Those 'What if's' sneak up on us when we are looking at others and wishing we had what they did, acted like they do, go where they go and spend like they spend. I bet if you could jump into their thoughts they are just as human as the rest of us. 

Today has enough to think and dwell on that is in the realm of reality. Stay in the moment and live it to be the Best Day Ever. 

Coach Nancy

I know I still have it Better than 90% (or more) of the World - Best Day Ever

Fat Loss Follow Along Week 4: Zzzzzzzzz

t's hard to believe, but we are already starting week 4 of our Fall Fat Loss Challenge!

Who doesn't need more sleep? Raise your hand. Higher. Higher. Hmmm, I can't see many hands out there.

Sleep may be THE missing factor in your health care, and if you are having trouble losing weight, lack of sleep may be why. 

Read on to discover this weeks new habit and why it's so important:

Get 7 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Did you know that 63% of Americans report their sleep needs are not being met during the week? Also 30% of adults report sleeping less than 6 hours every night!  We all know that sleep and recovery are very important to our overall health but tend to be ignored. Not anymore!!

New Habit: Sleep at Least 7 Hours a Night

We are not going to go crazy and ask you to start getting 9 hours of sleep right off the bat. By the end of this week, if you can increase your average sleep time by one hour, that would be a great improvement!

Instead of focusing on the end outcome (number of hours of sleep), we are going to focus on the process that will get you there.

Do you have a sleep routine?

What you do right before bed every night is very important in letting your body know that it is bed time. If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep, this habit will be great for you!

Even if you already have a sleep routine, hopefully you will learn a few more tips and tricks that can make it even better.

If you don’t have a routine, this week might be a little challenging. Don’t worry. When you get the hang of it, you will be amazed at how much better you are sleeping and feeling throughout the day!

What To Do Now

For now, track your sleep habits for one night. Write down what activities you do in the 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Note what time you get into bed and approximately what time you fall asleep. Also note if you wake throughout the night and how long you stay awake or if you're able to fall right back to sleep.  Note what time you wake up and if this is a pretty normal night for you.

We will use this information going forward.

Check your lesson tomorrow as we give a few tips for your first night of your new sleep routine!

Sleep Tight!

- DC

Step Up, Grab Hold, and See What You’re Made Of! October InBody Challenge

When you step on a scale and see that you've lost 2 pounds, what have you really lost? Muscle, fat, water? Cr8 Fitness has an InBody so you can change the way you see your weight and understand your health better. 

Think about when you take your car into the shop for an inspection. In order to examine the condition of the car, the mechanic opens the hood, checks the fluids, and inspects the working components.

Body composition analysis is the same idea, except instead of examining your engine oil level or testing the battery life, you are getting a measurement of your fat, muscle mass, and body water levels.

By “looking under the hood” and understanding what areas you need to improve on in order to achieve a healthy body composition, you will look and feel so much better!   

This is what you are made of!

Knowing how much Muscle, Fat and Water you are currently made of will give you a starting point. Your first InBody scan might be a bit scary. Remember it is numbers, a starting point. From there changes in your diet, your activity level, addressing your stress, and amount of sleep will start to change those numbers. 

The best thing about a machine and numbers, they do not have feelings, judge, or talk about you to others. As your coach, I can help you work out a plan to get those numbers moving in the right direction. Don't take my word for it, I could spend hours on the InBody website. They do a great job explaining those numbers and what you can do about them. "Your Metabolism and Your Body Composition" is just one of many articles that helps you to see how the InBody be a tool to help you achieve your health goals. 

Our Step Up, Grab Hold, and See What You're Made of October Challenge will give you a peek into how InBody can assist you. During the week of October 1-4 everyone will do their first Inbody scan. A second scan will be done the week of October 14-18, and then a third the week of October 28-31. Knowing you will be stepping on the InBody three times this month can give you the accountability to stay with a healthier eating plan. It will give you the awareness your choices over time gives to your body. Having more awareness and more accountability are two factors to drop unwanted body fat. 

True story: "I weigh myself everyday. My weight bounces within a 3-5 pound range and I am content with that. A few weeks ago, I decided to train 4 days a week and push myself hard. I noticed quickly that my weight jumped up consistently 2 pounds. My first thought was to stop eating totally. I had been tracking my meals and didn't feel I deserved 2 pounds. In fact I felt my clothes were actually a bit loser than usual. What was going on. It was then I heard Coach Dean in my head, "do a scan, get the facts. you need numbers not feelings". I hate it when he is right. Those two pounds were an increase in muscle, my body fat had gone down. Now I actually could do a jump for joy, my hard work was paying off. Thank you InBody and Coach Dean for nailing it down for me." 

Don't be shy, It doesn't hurt to scan.       Step Up, Grab Hold and See What You're Made Of!

Coach Nancy

Fat Loss Follow Along Week 3 : They Are Magical!

The past two weeks we have been working hard on skills designed to help HOW we eat - Keeping a food journal, and slowing down our meals.

This week we are going to focus on our 3rd "Fat Loss Fundamental", and it has to do with WHAT we eat.

Vegetables may be the closest thing we have to the "fountain of youth". If you are looking for the "magic pill" that will help you lose weight, enhance cell health, and have more energy, stop looking and start cooking...

Veggies that is!

Boring you say? Looking for something "sexier", you say?

Establish this habit now and forever, and you'll be looking at "sexier" the mirror!

New Habit: Eat Your Vegetables

Wahoo, today is the first day of your new habit.  Your goal each day for the next week is to  


 "Why use fists?" your inquisitive mind might be thinking.  Well, not everyone has scales or measuring cups with them all the time but most of us have hands with us at all times. Make that hand into a fist and you have yourself the size of one serving of vegetables.  Now, get 5 of them in throughout the day. 

Remember, you can always modify a habit to fit your unique situation.  If the thought of five fists of veggies a day makes your eyeballs pop out of your head, start with three fists instead and work your way up to five.  The goal is not to be perfect but to do just a little bit better.    

When starting a new habit, we need to start with the basics. Today we will lay the groundwork for your vegetable habit.

Vegetable Basics

Ahh, vegetables, the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth.  You probably already know of vegetables but just in case you don't, we will cover a number of them today with you.  We are also going to break them into two categories, non-starchy and starchy vegetables, since not all vegetables are created equal.

Non-Starchy Vegetables
Characteristics of non-starchy vegetables are:
  • Low in calories 
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Low in sugar
  • High in water
  • High in fiber
  • High in nutrients

Just for the record these are all great things.  Actually, you can think of non-starchy vegetables as being (almost) “free” in terms of the calories they will add to your diet.  Especially, when you consider how much fiber, vitamins, and minerals they provide for your body.  You can eat copious amounts of them everyday without gaining weight. Yes, they are that magical.  

In fact, if you’re ever hungry - even after having already eaten an appropriate amount of food, choosing to eat more vegetables to fill up is always going to be your best bet.  Low in calories, high in fiber, high in water is a recipe for successful weight loss.  

In the end we eat food, not nutrients so let's take a look at the different types of non-starchy vegetables.  

Examples of Non-Starchy Vegetables:

  • All “leafy greens” (Spinach, Kale, Romaine, etc.Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Celery
  • Cabbage (all kinds)
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumbers
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions (Yellow, Red)
  • Peppers (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green)
  • Sprouts
  • Tomatoes
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zucchini

 This is by no means is an exhaustive list, but it's a good start to get the wheels turning at the grocery store.  Eat these freely, we typically don't put a cap on how many non-starchy vegetables you can eat because the calorie content is so low. 

Starchy Vegetables

Characteristics of starchy vegetables, as compared to non-starchy vegetables:

  • Higher in calories
  • Higher in carbs and starches
  • Higher in sugar
  • High in nutrients
  • Lower in water content

With starchy vegetables, we DO want to be aware of intake because the calories can start to add up.    

Examples of Starchy Vegetables:

  • Squash (Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti) 
  • Pumpkin 
  • Beets 
  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes 
  • Turnips 
  • Rutabaga 
  • Peas 
  • Corn (not actually a vegetable but a grain, but most people count is as a vegetable so that's why it's listed here)

How Much Should I Eat?

You want to aim for 5 "fists" of vegetables per day.  Ideally, the majority of those "fists" would come from non-starchy vegetables.  Strive for 3-5 fists of non-starchy vegetables and 0-2 fists of starchy vegetables.  

The great thing about using your own fist as a guideline for portion control is that you always have it with you anywhere you go! 

This means you should still keep your veggies in mind at restaurants, when eating on the go, or anywhere else. 

It is almost impossible to over consume most non-starchy vegetables, so fill up on these foods without worry. If anything, put your effort towards making sure you eat enough of them, as opposed to too much. 


"Every question you have about your health, chances are vegetables are the answer."

Join the Graham Cracker UMP Club

"I’m so glad I joined the Graham Cracker UMP club. I have been starting to feel like I wanted something super decadent."- Mae Lynn

Mae Lynn saw our post 3 Delicious Graham Cracker Recipes. She decided to give a new flavor of Beverly International Protein powder a try. She has now created her own Graham Cracker UMP Recipe. 

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop UMP Graham Cracker flavor
  • Small handful toasted walnuts (a Tablespoon to be precise)
  • 8 ounces almond milk

Mix in a blender and Enjoy!

"I had it after a lunch of a small serving of leftover Pork Chops with Green Beans,Tomatoes and artichokes because I couldn’t wait to try it." - Mae Lynn

I gave her recipe a go and boy she is right. It is decadent! Pick up your own Graham Cracker UMP When you come in to train and join the club today!

Enjoy good food,

Coach Nancy

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