Fairy Dust for Everyone

On Tuesday I asked almost everyone, "What is your favorite thing about this time of year?" Here's some of the answers I got.

  • The leaves and all the color they bring
  • Knowing we're one step closer to spring..... some actually said winter
  • Pumpkin spice coffee
  • No bugs
  • Great weather for hiking
  • Enjoy the transition of everything
  • The cooler weather
  • Better sleeping
  • Whoopee pies
  • Woodstoves

Its refreshing to take time to focus on the positive. It does your body and mind good. 

Keep that positivity going. I understand its a bit harder to be positive and it is easier to jump on the bandwagon of complaints and irritability. Do the hard thing and Stay positive for yourself and others. 

When I ask you how you're doing today and you answer 'good', I tend to say; "just good?" Lets bump it up a notch and be the best we can be.

When all else fails, grab the fairy dust,

Coach Nancy

By the way I can use your help introducing Cr8 Fitness to a few of your peeps. Do you know a mom who's just dropped her kids at school or a retiree who would enjoy training at our new 8am training time? We'd love to fill in this group with new peeps. A two week tryout is waiting for them just like you enjoyed when you first started with us.

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