I was looking around the gym this morning and realized something amazing. Each person there had been training at Cr8 Fitness for at least 5 years. Dan has been with us since Day 1. What a testament to each person's determination and endurance. They all bring a new thread to the fabric at 6:15am. I am grateful as it also says they must in some small way enjoy hanging out with me too. Next time I take a video I'll ask them the results that they've seen in that time. For now just stand in awe as you add those numbers up. 

Did you add those numbers up as they shouted them out? I did. Dan has actually been here almost 14 years so that makes a grand total of 74 years of training between them. How cool is that? By the way one of our oldest clients at Cr8 Fitness is 74. (I'm not revealing names)

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy


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