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Merry Christmas

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. They can be store bought or hand made. They can be given between people with a common bond and given between strangers. Some gifts are wrapped up in fancy paper and bows and some just wrapped up in a hug or smile.

This Christmas I will enjoy many gifts. I am truly blessed. 

And yet the best gift of all I often don't share or talk about. God has given me the gift of eternal life because of what Christ did on the cross as he died for my sins. It is this gift that encourages me deep down to love all, give all I can, and share joy everywhere I go. 

This Christmas I want to thank you, my friends for a gift that is rare. You and I care about each other. We each want what is best for the other. Friendship is a gift. I thank you for sharing your life with me and my family. 

I will treasure this Christmas as no other, I encourage you to take time today just to look around and treasure up sights and sounds and family in  your heart. Those moments are gifts you can give back to yourself later in the year. 

Merry Christmas,

Coach Nancy