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Give Yourself a Checkup: How are you doing being, “Hot for the Holidays”?

How are you doing on the "Hot for the Holidays Challenge?"

You know, that challenge where we are working on maintaining our bodyweight through the holidays? 

Oh yeah, THAT challenge!

Hot for the Holidays? “Why even bother? I always gain weight this time of year. What’s the point?”

When asked the question, “What’s The Point?”, my answer is always the same. Every time Cr8 Fitness challenges you in your nutrition our goal is this:

To teach you nutrition habits, that when applied consistently and correctly, will create the optimum metabolic environment to help you lose body fat and gain/maintain lean tissue (aka muscle).

In other words Cr8 Fitness wants you to eat in a way that makes you look and feel great. We want you to the be the healthiest version of you possible. 

So what’s the main obstacle to progress?

I think it’s that we have too much information.

If you were to head over to Amazon.com and search for “diet books” you would get 78,496 results. Holy cow!

Is it any wonder that there is confusion over the “right” way to eat?

So right off the top let me make it clear. “Hot for the Holidays” is not a diet, in the sense we are going to starve ourselves to try to lose weight. It's a prompt to stick to the principles we know are going to make us healthier and happier in the long run.

So get ready to challenge yourself. Open up to the possibilities, and challenge what you think you know about nutrition and what you are capable of doing, even around the holidays.

Get ready to get a little uncomfortable. It IS hard to turn down all those holiday goodies being thrown at you from every angle. Enjoy some, just not all of them!

And it's a GOOD uncomfortable, one that leads to good results, not the uncomfortable where you ate so much such you are looking for your stretchie pants. 🙂

I am super excited about this challenge. It's our (yours and mine) chance to take one step forward in our health when most everyone else is going backward. 

Are you ready?

Let's do this!

Coach Nancy