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Your Details for “Hot for the Holidays”

Halloween is just behind us, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Christmas parties and the busyness of the Season jump into high gear when December rolls around. It doesn't stop because then the New Year is rung in. All of these things mean FOOD, FOOD and More FOOD!. Since food will be everywhere at every event, in every store, on each TV commercial, and on all the tables you pass. Its difficult not to eat, EAT and EAT MORE

Coach Dean and I have come up with a challenge for you. There are even real prizes at the end of this challenge. We're calling this challenge; "Hot for the Holidays". 

Hot for the Holidays is NOT:

  • A HOT dog eating contest
  • Consuming HOT spicy foods without any water
  • Confining yourself to a HOT room without a fan
  • H.O.T.  (a Herd Of Turtles) 
  • a Calendar photo shoot (sorry 6pm)
  • A vacation at the HOT Desert Spring Hotel

Hot for the Holidays is: 

  • Keeping yourself on a Roll a.k.a. Staying HOT when it comes to keeping your weight the same. 
  • Get HOT as in the game HOT/Cold, You'll want to stay close to your already amazing training regime.
  • Become HOT as in speedy: Don't slow down your already great nutrition.
  • You'll feel HOT, like Hot to trot, Because your body fat will remain the same or be less during the Holiday Season.

This is where the challenge lies. By November 26, that's a Monday, everyone will have stepped on the InBody scan for their entry into "Hot For the Holidays". On Tuesday January 8th everyone will have done at least one more InBody scan to close out the Holidays. Your goal is to keep your weight the same or lower. 

It sounds simple, two scans and BAM you're done. Yet we all know It will take attention to detail (food detail) to make those two scans match. I know you can do it. 

I promised everyone prizes. I mean everyone. Each person who keeps their weight the same or less between November 26th and January 8, 2019 will be invited to have dinner with your Coaches and their family. We'll cook. I promise it will be healthy choices and very yummy.

We'll help you succeed in any way we can. Here is to being "HOT for the Holidays"

Coach Nancy​​