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Eat Your Way RIGHT Through the Holidays

There are two ways you can read that.

Eat your way right through..... The Holidays” – such as, eat everything in sight from Halloween to New Year’s and ensure yourself 10 new pounds of belly blubber for the new year.


“Eat your way RIGHT..... through the holidays”, as in eat correctly and supportively over the next few weeks, enjoying the seasonal treats in a planned and controlled way, continuing to focus on good habits and making progress.

Big Difference! (no pun intended)

One cookie is different than one plate of cookies!

Take these 4 things and help yourself to Eat RIGHT through the holidays

  1. Plan your meals
  2. Prep your meals or as much as you can ahead of time
  3. Eat when you are hungry
  4. Stop eating when you are satisfied.

That is it. Four things that sound super simple and easy to do. If you dismiss one of those items, you make your chances of Eating RIGHT through the holidays twice as hard. 

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy