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Train with Your Purpose in Mind

Each January gyms are flooded with new people. Everyone trying to accomplish in a few weeks what they couldn't do all of last year. By the second week of the month, the place is back to normal. Most of the newbies have already given up. Why? And more importantly how to avoid it.

There is nothing wrong with making these common New Year's resolutions, We have all made resolutions that we have failed to keep. 

The good news is that each year is an opportunity for a Fresh Start. And yet each week is a fresh start. Every Sunday is the first day of the week - a new beginning. Actually, every day is an opportunity for a new beginning. 

If you are at one of these 'beginnings' you are at a crossroad. You are at the point of choosing. Choosing what to do, how to do it, and how much to do. That is the time of resolutions. The purpose is not to help you resolve to do something, my purpose to help you stay resolved once you've made that decision.

Resolve takes Focus

Focus on your past choice. You've already made a choice to physically train. You've already made your choice to become healthier. You've already made your choice to achieve a medically sound body composition. Now its about maintaining your Focus. Write down what your purpose is. Then leave it visible for you to see often. Daily is best. Once I have a purpose to achieve a task, I write it and leave it near my bathroom sink. Each morning as I get read for the day, my focus shifts to my purpose. It gives me clarity as I do my daily tasks. 

Resolve takes Commitment.

Commitment is dedication in action. Once you have your purpose, you need to commit to doing something to make that purpose start to happen. It might not happen all at once. Losing 50 pounds is going to take work and more action than one days worth. And yet it all starts with one day, one action repeated over and over. Commit daily to doing one action that will help you achieve your purpose in 2019.

Resolve takes Preparation.

Preparation can be mental but often it to is an action step. Think of preparation as a way of helping yourself out. Preparing your meal plan on Sunday of each week helps you to not stress about "what's for dinner?". It helps you have those foods in the house that will allow you to eat foods that will support your purpose of becoming healthier. Preparation can be help given to you by others. Having others in your family chop veggies while you get the steak grilled, gives you that helping hand so you can get the meal on the table quicker so you don't snack your way to dinner. Find ways to prepare to give that helping hand towards your purpose. 

Resolve takes Accountability.

Accountability is a key we often ignore. It is hard to admit we need help. It is hard to say I will do this better if  you do this for me. It is hard to tell someone your goals. The thought often goes through my mind, "What if I don't actually achieve my purpose?" As a coach I'm going to say, "What if you actually do?"I'm here to help."  Accountability has proven itself over and over. Having a partner or a group of others that will give an encouraging word, others that know your purpose, people that will work along side you; gives you power. Power to push through tough times.

Focus, Commitment, Preparation, and Accountability are your keys to Succeeding in Your Purpose.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy