When It Boils Right Down to It…..

It really is all about you.

You make the choices each day. You and only you have the most input to who you are seen as, who you look like, who you act like, and who you want to be.

You work hard in the gym or you don't.

You chose to walk from either a close parking spot or further away.

You chose to have seconds or not.

You chose to grab an extra glass of water or not.

You chose to measure the amount of salad dressing you use or you don't.

You chose to pack a lunch or you chose to buy it out.

You chose how much cream goes in your coffee or none at all.

You chose to have a snack just cuz or you don’t.

You chose to walk past the candy dish or avoid it totally.

You chose to look in the mirror and whisper degrading snip-its to yourself or you don't.

You chose to take your multi vitamin each day or you don't.

You chose to have a piece of lean protein at each meal or you don't even worry about protein.

You read inspiring stories or you visit the gossip stories.

You surround yourself with others that are likeminded or you don't.

You keep healthy food choices in the kitchen, in the fridge, and in the cupboard or you don't.

You eat mindlessly in front of the TV or you chose to eat in a place where you notice the food you put in your mouth.

You seek out healthy recipes or you stick only to what you know.

You keep your mind open to new foods or you automatically say "no thank you".

You are in charge of you or you allow others to influence your decisions for the poorer choice.

It is all up to you.

Great news is that YOU have others that want to help YOU be the best YOU, they know.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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