Your Next Perfect Day is Today

What would your perfect day be like? Maybe you’d sleep in, have your coffee and breakfast brought to you in bed. You’d then be able to stay in your PJ’s the whole day and watch the movies of your choice. Or maybe your perfect day would be to wake up with a view overlooking the ocean where a slight breeze was blowing and you’d be able to read a book lounging in a chair during the day. Some might find their perfect day as a hike in the woods with their best friend having lunch at the summit of the mountain overlooking a vast valley below.

Are perfect days only about the events of that day? Could a perfect day be more about the feelings you derive from certain events? If feelings really control your perfect day, can a perfect day happen when the events don’t line up? Can you choose to have a perfect day without perfect circumstances?

I’m a positive person. At least that is how I view myself. I am positive the day is going to happen no matter what I do or feel. Time marches on. In fact time is the one thing we can’t control. Only God is able to stop the sun or the clocks from ticking away at time.

Here’s my conclusion. Since I can’t alter time, and circumstances rarely line up in such a way to call an entire day perfect; I need to rely on my feelings to make a day perfect. There is a sign in the gym that reads, “Best Day Ever”. That is my goal to make each day the best I can with that day’s events in that day’s timeframe. It’s not always easy, it is always worth the effort. It is a matter of stirring up feelings that will support a perfect day.

Coach Dean often says; “if you get healthier you get happier and the world needs a whole lot more happy.”

If I had the power to make your day the Best Ever, I would. I promise you I will do all I can as your coach to make your healthier so that you are happier.

To the Best Day Ever,

Coach Nancy

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