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Going Through The Motions

Ever heard that you can't get anywhere by "going through the motions"?

I have said those very words myself. To my kids, to my employees, and to my clients.

And the intent was good. It wasn't (necessarily) meant to chide or ride someone for not doing the best job they could, but as an encouragement that the pursuit of excellence is worth the effort.

But as I have matured, my perspective has changed. You have probably also heard that "50% (or some random percentage) is half the battle", and that is often true. Sometimes you gotta just show up - and go through the motions.

Now don't think Coach Dean is turning into some kind of old softy. You still have to put tremendous effort into a task to achieve your best. But some days you just don't have the physical, mental, or emotional capacity to give it your all. 

Show up and go through the motions anyway.

Reps matter. Not every lift is going to be your one rep maximum (1RM). You have to put in multiple reps, over a long period of time, at sub-maximum weights, in order to get stronger. That's physiology. 

And even those "less than max" lifts can fluctuate from day to day. Some days I walk into the gym and feel like I can lift a bulldozer. Other days the foam roller seems heavy.

Some days I wake up ready to take on the world, others I want to hide under the blankets. I don't want to get up, go to work, train, eat right - none of it. But 90% plus of the time, I do it anyway. 


Because when I put in the reps, even the not so good ones, I am winning. At the end of the day I feel better about myself, which is huge. Why do those of us who would never dream of breaking a commitment to our spouse, kids, boss or teammates so often break commitments we make to ourselves? To get to the gym, to eat like an adult, to get enough rest? 


You are worth it. You are worthy of the time and effort to take care of yourself. When you understand that, life really does get better. You'll be happier, and all those people you are busting your butt to serve will benefit from a healthy you even more. 

Coach Nancy says every day "Best Day Ever!", and I love her for it.

It's not just blind optimism or ignoring the realities of life. It's recognizing that because you walked through our doors, even when you didn't feel like it, is a huge win. You are "going through the motions" one more day, and putting in the reps that lead to real results.

Going through the motions = sustained forward momentum = a healthier, happier you.

And who doesn't want that? 

Keep making it happen!

- DC