It's no secret that most Americans gain weight in the last six weeks of each year! Which leads to their commitment to lose weight on New Years. Why not change that? 

The Holidays mark the long stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day through New Years.

...there will be holiday parties

...there will be break rooms filled with sweets

...there will be challenges.

Let's not sugarcoat it, you will be bombarded.

No More Excuses we can overcome the obstacles and hold off the weight gain.

This challenge has one goal - no gaining weight this holiday season. We're not looking for weight loss or being miserable. In fact I want you to put more than carrot sticks and one slice of turkey on your plate Thanksgiving Day. I'll teach you how to enjoy the parties and the festivities without the guilt. 

I need this challenge and want you to join me. Click here to find out more. 

During the SUMMER there is a saying Shut Up Move More Eat Right, SUMMER!

It's almost WINTER so change it up to Will Indulging Neverend Tackle Eating Reasonably, WINTER!

Here's what we will be focusing on:

#1) Creating Awareness. Most of us who think we eat "pretty good" are not lying or delusional. We just lose track of what and how much we eat on a regular basis. 

#2) Knowing How To Recognize "Full". The Ninja Tactic we are going to use here is Eating Slowly

#3) Nourished not just "Fed". We are not going to ask you to "cut out" any food and drink during this challenge. We'll provide tips on how to handle the Buffet Line, Eating Out, Meal Planning, How to drink enough water, and more.  

#4) Move More. Don't snooze on this one (yes, cheering is allowed). Included during the first 24 days of December is a movement challenge. We're not trying to outdo our bad eating or poor nutrition by adding in hours of extra training. 

Join me, Find out the details by clicking the RED box below.


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