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Sugar Free Me- Easy? Successful? Challenges?

Coach Dean posted this question on Sugar Free Me's Facebook page.  "First Weekend of Sugar Free Me is in the books. Easy? Challenging? and Why? 

The responses are varied, all over the place, and AWESOME at the same time! Read through them if you are doing Sugar Free Me and if you didn't take this challenge I guarantee you'll be grateful you took time to read these posts. 

 "I tripped up over the weekend a little bit back on track now."- Bonnie

"Hard but the first two weeks are always for me. Then my body adjusts and the cravings disappear and it becomes easy! Yes easy...and I am the biggest sugar addict ever." - Lorena

"I’m with Bonnie" - Tom

"While traveling, a lot of looking around to find the right food choices. I did it though." -Lori

"I was not 100% but I’m happy with not going over the deep end. Traveled for 3 days. My big WIN was not snacking in the truck. (Usually box of cheeze it’s by my side)" - Stacy

 "It has been tough!" - Doreen

"Struggling!! The temptations have been everywhere as I haven’t been eating at home. Stress makes me crave it and I’ve had no willpower. I’ve messed up two days so far. Tomorrow is a new day." - Laurie

"I did good. I went to the SPCA walk and I knew they would have I like at the vendor and I did not have any. Win for me!!"- Deb

"The apple crisp got me over the weekend...soooo good! AND it was warm:) I did resist the ice cream however"- Lisa

Little wins, big wins, struggling, doing well and then not, making great choices for most of the meal- all success. Why?


Because doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Everyone had their eye on the prize, The bumps in the road will happen, its not that we make it to the finish line, its that we keep trying until we do. 

Never Give Up

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

If you want to read all the happenings on Sugar Free Me's Facebook page check it out. 

Hear it from Donna

With 10 years of training at Cr8 Fitness, Donna is one of the best people to ask what she's seen during those years. She was kind enough to take time after training to fill us in on the details. 

I appreciate Donna because she is a hard worker and yet she is real. Donna has been with Cr8 Fitness when we didn't have our building up yet. She faithfully trains for her health. 

Keep Making It Happen Donna,

Coach Nancy

Signs Your Sleep Stinks

Even adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

1. Dependence on stimulants is a losing game, as your body needs more to get the same effect. There's no medals for drinking 8 cups of coffee a day.

2. An occasional cold happens. But if it seems like you are ALWAYS sick, it's a sign your immune system is compromised and your inflammatory response is on high alert.

3. When you don't get enough shut-eye, neurotransmitters production and hormone regulation suffer. Voila! Cranky Pants

4. Highly studied and highly underrated. Sleep better - lose weight faster (or at all). There seems to be something magical about 9 hours a night.

Don't Despair. Better sleep takes practice! What would happen if you added just one more minute of sleep per night, every night for the next two months?

- DC

October Team “Check-In Chat-Us-Up Challenge”

So we broke down our annual Fall Challenge into a couple pieces this year - variety is spicy - and here's what's up next.

Now, I'll freely admit that this challenge benefits both you AND us.

It benefits YOU because not only can your team win a cool prize, but adds just a wee bit more motivation to get in here those cool (ok-COLD) autumn mornings.

It benefits US (Cr8 Fitness) because we while we are working hard to spread the word about who we are and what we do, we have NEVER been able to do it without y'alls help. We are trying very hard to grow our online and social media presence, as we basically are starting from scratch since we sold Concord and changed our name.

So here's how the "Check-In Chat-Us-Up Challenge (Triple C)" works.

It's that easy! The class time with the most "Triple C" will win a fabulous prize package worth ...well ...WHO CAN MEASURE? 🙂

Will you step up to the challenge?

Make It Happen,

- DC

Let’s Get Distracted!

No, not the kind of distraction where you are getting constantly interrupted by email, or Facebook notifications, or your co-workers; I am talking about making your body feel better by doing some joint distraction. Check out this video, where we talk about making your shoulders feel goooood with a band and just a few minutes of your time. You (and your shoulders) will be glad you did!

- DC

Save The Dates!

Fall is a busy time....

and it's no exception here at Cr8 Fitness. You'll definitely want to mark some dates on your calendar as we miss you when you aren't here! 🙂 

What's in store around here? Glad you asked!

We have challenges and workshops designed to get you through the stress of the holidays and "eating season" better than when you started. We even have two "mystery" workshops and a couple parties ( is a secret).


  • Monday, September 17th: Sugar Free Me Challenge Starts
  • Wednesday October 10th: Modernmeal Workshop @ 6:00pm
  • Sunday October 14th: Sugar Free Me Challenge Ends
  • Wednesday October 24th: Mystery Workshop 1 | 6:00pm @ Cr8 Fitness Epsom
  • Saturday October 27th: Mystery Workshop 2 | 10:00am @ Get Fit NH Concord
  • Saturday November 3rd: InBody Workshop @ 9:00am
  • Saturday November 24th: World Famous "Pies Off The Thighs" post-Thanksgiving turkey coma busting workout
  • Monday November 26th: "Stay Hot For The Holidays" Begins
  • Saturday December 15th: Christmas Party
  • December 23 - 29: Christmas Break Recovery Week
  • Tuesday January 8, 2019: "Stay Hot For The Holidays" Ends


Now relax; this is to help you plan, not stress you out more. Come to what you can, and we will be happy through the holidays with you!

P.S. Check out the snazzy calendar below! You'll find it in the links above and in the sidebar of every blog - we got you covered!

- Coach Dean

[calendar id=”903″]

Fair Winning Pumpkins are For Everyone

"Just one pumpkin", that is what I read recently in a book. The author was talking about growing an prize winning pumpkin. You know the huge kind that take up an entire back of a pick up truck and have to be lifted there by a crane. HUGE.

As I was reading that I immediately thought how could I apply that principle to my nutrition?

The author went on to say it could be just one pound that separates the grand prize from all the rest but that one pound was the key. 

I was hooked by then. My brain was racing. Of course this applies to eating and health and nutrition and building habits. All I needed to do was to find my 'pumpkin'. What did I want to increase in my life so that it shined. I wanted that prize winning pumpkin. 

Well I don't really want to add weight onto my body. That certainly wasn't what I was going to focus on. I did want to increase my strength. Could I do that? Of course, I needed to focus on picking up heavier weights in training with good form. CHECK

That 'pumpkin' didn't really sit well with me. I always try to increase my workload while in the gym. I wanted to win a prize mentally. I want to do something that I find difficult. I wanted to lose body fat while getting stronger. Now that really strikes a cord inside me. I want to be totally happy with how I look for me. This was going to be my 'pumpkin'.

Now back to growing an actual award winning pumpkin. After the farmer finds the pumpkin (my body composition change) he puts all his energy and focus into making that one pumpkin prize winning. He develops and executes his plan.

In other words, as the farmer of my pumpkin, I am going to create a plan, prepare, and focus daily on changing my body composition. I gave myself four weeks of focus time. I was going to do one thing each day to make myself reach that goal. I was going to mentally achieve and physically strive towards losing body fat. 

Here's my plan: Daily I am going to eat Protein, Produce, and water at each meal. (PPW). I am choosing to leave everything else off of my plate if it doesn't fit that criteria. My new mantra: PPW only. 

Here is what you can do:

Linus welcomes the great pumpkin

  1. Look inside or out for your prize winning pumpkin. Remember it needs to sit well with you and your values. What do you really want to win a prize at doing/being?
  2. Cultivate that pumpkin. Develop a plan that you can execute daily in order to reach your goal. Remember your goal is to grow your pumpkin so your plan is the actions you'll consistently do to get there. 
  3. Daily deliver your plan to your pumpkin. Getting side tracked won't help your focus so do  one thing and do it really Really REALLY well
  4. The growing season doesn't last forever. Give yourself a time frame when you'll measure and obtain that prize. 
  5. Seek help and get some accountability. The best farmers have already asked others for their advice and done loads of research. You too need to develop a plan that will help you best. Find a coach. (pssst..... that is what I do best- ask me)

I plan on winning my mental prize this time around. I don't just hope to win, I'm planning on it. I know its going to take work. I know if I miss a day, it will set me back but I am choosing not to let a setback stunt my pumpkin patch from winning.

What is your pumpkin? How are you going to make it a prize winner?

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Make It Harder?

​If yo​u have been around us (Nancy and/or I) very long, you have probably heard us say at some point something along the lines of "If you want to be successful, ​make things easier."

it makes sense. If things are easy, you are more likely to actually do them.

But then I realized that could be a double edged sword.

​As I was thinking (dangerous I know) about the eating habits of our clients who have had great success with reaching their weight loss and body comp goals and what got them there, I realized that in many cases, making things harder actually works better.

Principle: We consume less when it's harder to consume.

​Here's  a simple illustration. I love potato chips. If there are potato chips around, Dean is going to eat them - lots of them. My strategy to not eat them? ​Don't have them in the house and available to eat! If I am REALLY craving those crispy kettle fried delights, I have to get up, put my shoes on, go out in whatever weather we are having, get in the car, drive to the store and back - the whole thing. I can tell you that 99.9% of the time, it's not worth the trouble, so I don't do it.

​This weekend I was giving a presentation on cash management to about 60 of my peers in the fitness industry, and it dawned on me th​e strategy I was outlining works exactly the same way. Many business owners have difficulty coming up with their quarterly tax payments. They know they need to save for taxes, but don't have a good strategy of regular savings, so it doesn't get done. So here's what we do; ​have them take the money they need to save out of their Operating Expense account and put it into a separate savings account. But NOT at ​the same bank. We have them set up ​a savings account at another bank, and transfer the money ​to that "offsite" account. Why? Because if it's in the same bank as their Operating Expense account, it becomes very easy to "borrow" it if they run into a cash flow crunch. Because it's in another bank, and will take at least 3 days to transfer back in, that slows the process down enough to allow them to realize the​re is most likely another way to take care of the "crisis", which in reality the present situation rarely is. By making it harder to access the cash, it encourages that habits they wanted to create in the first place. Paying their taxes and staying out of jail - BONUS! 

For my birthday last week Nancy bought me a "pour over" cone ​to make my morning coffee. Besides making a​n incredible cup of coffee, making ​it this way has the added benefit of reducing my coffee consumption, simply because it takes awhile to complete the process. You have to heat the water to the correct temperature, grind the coffee, and do the "pour over", which takes 3 to 5 minutes in itself. A lot more complex than turning on the drip machine! The result is that I am making less coffee, and thus drinking less coffee. Making the process harder helped me achieve the results I was looking for; drink less (more delicious) coffee.

You could apply this strategy to just about anything food related. Love pizza but want to eat less? Don't eat pizza unless you make it yourself.  ​​Ice cream? Buy an ice cream maker and only have it when you make your own. You get the picture.

So while the "make things easier on yourself" shouldn't get thrown out the window (Want to eat more veggies? Make it easier by having them in the fridge, for example), sometimes harder is the way to go.

How could you apply this strategy in your life. Love to hear your thoughts!

​- DC

Are You Stable?

Back pain

You might think me asking that question is pretttyyy ironic, and who can blame you? 🙂

However the kind of stability I am talking about is core stability. Now if you are a training geek you may know this terminology is not without controversy, but for simplicity's sake, let's just call it that for now.

So let's get down to it.

If you want to move better and stay pain free, you gotta train core stability, and more importantly, train it correctly. (AKA, not doing endless situps and crunches).

There are a number of different facets to core stability training that you need to know, and need to train.

Anterior core stability is what we need to resist excessive lumbar spine extension, or arching the back. Think planks and pushup holds.

Posterior core stability is what we need to resist excessive lumbar spine flexion, or rounding the back. Birddogs is one exercise to help with this.

Lateral core stability is what we need to resist lateral flexion, think single arm loaded carries for an exercise that works on this.

Rotary core stability exercises teach you to resist excessive rotation through the lumbar spine (low back). The lumbar spine is only designed to move 2-3 degrees per facet, so it's super important we know how to stabilize in this plane of motion. We use exercises like the Pallof Press to train this "anti-rotation".

We commonly use bands to perform the Pallof Press, and there are a number of different ways you can make the exercise appropriate for your current ability. We can move further from or closer to the wall. We can take a parallel or split stance. Even which foot is in the outside position makes a difference. 

Recently Nancy and I were filming some training videos, and she thought it would be really funny to progress the Pallof by adding a sandbag. Ok, not really, but watch the video and check out what happens when you add vertical load (the sandbag) plus switch the feet. You want to talk about firing up the core. I think I can still feel it! 🙂

As someone who has fought back challenges since my early twenties, I can attest that training my ability to stabilize through all the planes of motion has made a huge impact in reducing my pain and keeping me healthy enough to train hard. Exercises like these may not be the sexiest or most fun, but you neglect them at your own peril.

Doing the little things make big things happen!

Keep training hard.

- DC

Back To School

In my school days I was pretty much on cruise control.

I didn’t study.  I was proficient at cramming. Nose in the book 15 minutes before test time and wow, a fairly good grade was the outcome.

My motto in school was to enjoy life. I had more important things to do than be stuck in a library studying.

Even with that laid back attitude I still kept my 3.5 through high  school and in college a 3.65 (just shy of what Dean achieved). 

Schools don’t really require you to learn to be disciplined.

You can get by and do just fine.

However – personal health and fitness are another story.

Try going through the motions in a sport practice and you’ll never see the field in  a game.

Fail to perform for a couple of weeks and someone else gets your position.

Sports/Fitness training require the same type of discipline that a long healthy life requires.

You can’t just squeak by. You have to push and push hard. You have to be spot on with your skills and dedication. You have to eat to ensure the best performance in practice so your coach notices and puts you in the line up for the big game. ‘Slacking off’ is not in an athlete’s vocabulary.

So what does that mean for you and me?

Lets apply that to our overall health and well being. How do you want your life to be? Would you like to sit on the sidelines and watch things happen or do you want to make it happen? Each training day a challenge. A challenge to push harder, lift more, be faster.

What about our eating and nutrition? Sure you can go for a while eating sugar and fast food. It will catch up with you. That is the danger. Our bodies are so good at handling toxic substance that the wear and tear and mushroom top doesn’t show up right away. We’ve formed bad habits and we don’t see the pain immediately.

Here is where you need to realize food is fuel. Give your body everything it needs to perform at peak performance and you’ll be rewarded. But the old saying applies, “garbage in, garbage out”.

What are you training for? What are you eating for? For me I am training to live and live well.

No guarantees, but I am doing my best to stack the odds in my favor.

You coming with me?

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy